Derek Warfield: Legacy


  • Legacy
    • 1995 - Apllo APV 90 VHS
  • Track List:
    1. Inchicore
    2. Sellafield [3]
    3. Sean South (Costello/King) [3] [4]
    4. I'll Speak To Gran
    5. Mairead Farrell, Sean Savage & Danny McCann
    6. Michael Collins [1] [2]
    7. Brian Boru The Lion Of Ireland
    8. Angels Of Ireland[1]
    9. (Doolough) Song Of The Famine
    10. Matt Talbot
    11. Come All Ye Bold Geographers (Finding Of Moses)
    12. An t-Áiseri (P. O. Cellaig)
    13. The Millenium Marya

  • Musicians
    • Derek Warfield: Vocals, Mandolin
    • Des Sheeran: Bass
    • Joe O'Rourke: Guitar
    • Martin Cooney: 5–String Banjo
    • Joe Finn: Flute, Tin Whistle, Uilleann Pipes
    • Kevin Sheeran: Accordion
  • Credits
    • Produced by Hugh Hardy (Video)
    • Producer: Derek Warfield (Album/Music)
    • All Songs Written by Derek Warfield (unless otherwise noted)
    • Engineer: Bill Sommerville-Large (Album/Music)
    • Robert Vosgien: Digital Mastering (Album/Music)

Sleeve Notes

Derek Warfield has been the leader of Ireland's legendary group The Wolfe Tones for over 30 years. On stages throughout the world he has been their voice, with stirring introductions and sometimes amusing anecdotes that have endeared him to countless thousands of Wolfe Tones fans for 3 decades. A prolific songwriter, you will find Derek's credits on all previous Wolfe Tones albums and on this video all of the songs are written by Derek as he introduces his songwriting legacy. From the first song "Inchicore" about growing up in a Dublin suburb, he traces a lifetime of making music with songs that are both inspirational and aspirational.

The video was filmed "on location" in many different parts of Ireland and you'll see the magnificent wall murals in Belfast ("Sean South") to the picturesque scenery of Carlingford Lough ("Sellafield") to the appalling misery of the famine in Co. Mayo ("Doolagh") to the comical rind amusing ("Finding of Moses"). So sit back for a musical journey throughout the ages with scenes and scenery and songs and story-telling to entertain and delight Irish people throughout the world.

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  • Related releases:
    • This is the companion video to Derek's same-titled (first) solo album, which contains most of the same songs from this same-titled CD.
    • Additionally, some of the songs (on this video) appear on other of his later solo releases.
      1. these tracks do not appear on Legacy: 1995 - Shanachie S-52042 CD
      2. also appears on Liberte '98: 1990 - Shanachie S-52046 CD
      3. also appears on Take Me Home to Mayo: 2002 - Kells Music KM-7014 CD
      4. also appears on Songs for the Bhoys: 2005 - Dolphin TORC BHOYTV2CD1 CD