Dé Danann
(De Dannan)

De Dannan: Welcome to the Hotel Connemara


  • Welcome to the Hotel Connemara
    • 2000 - Hummingbird HBCD 0025 CD
  • Track List:
    1. River Deep Mountain High (Spector/Barry/Greenwich)
    2. Parisienne Walkways (Lynott/Moore)
    3. The Sally Gardens (Ivor Gurney) / Laydown Sally (Clapton/Terry/Levy)
    4. Love Hurts (Bryant)
    5. You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Mann/Weil/Spector)
    6. The Rocks of Bawn / Take it to the Limit (Meisner/Henley/Frey)
    7. When a Man Loves a Woman (Lewis/Wright)
    8. Hey Jude (Lennon/McCarthy)
    9. Suspicious Minds (James)
    10. Gasoline Alley (Stewart/Wood)
    11. A Whiter Shade of Pale (Brooker/Reid)
    12. It's Over (Orbison/Dees)
    13. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) / Fr. McKenzies' Jig (Alec Finn)
    14. Only the Lonely (Orbison/Melson)
    15. Bohemian Rhapsody (F.Mercury)

  • Dé Danann
    • Alec Finn: Bouzouki & Guitar
    • Frankie Gavin: Fiddle, Whistle & Flute
    • Derek Hickey: Accordion
    • Colm Murphy: Bodhrán
    • Brian McGrath: Keyboard & Banjo
    • Paul Johnson: Bass
  • Musicians
    • Charlie Piggot: Banjo
    • Johnny McDonagh: Bodhrán
    • Jackie Daly: Accordion
    • Aidan Coffey: Accordion
    • John Faulkner: Guitar
    • Tommy Kane: Pipes

  • Notes:
    • This is the last De Dannan album (to date) with (both) founding members Alec Finn and Frankie Gavin.
    • The only musicians to play on every De Dannan album — to this point.
    • Due to their fairly public falling out, it is probably their final album together.
    • Additionally, the above credits from All Celtic Music — which is the only source I have found.