the Dublin City Ramblers

Dublin City Ramblers: Ireland My Ireland


  • Ireland My Ireland
    • 2003 - Lynnwood LYNN CD019 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Ireland My Ireland (Martin Byrne)   [1][4]
    2. Ramblin Rover (Andy M. Stewart)   [2][4]
    3. School Days Over (Ewan MacColl)   [1]
    4. The Streets Of New York (Liam Reilly)   [2][4]
    5. Paddy On The Railway   [1][4]
    6. Raglan Road (Patrick Kavanagh)   [1]
    7. The Good Old Mountain Dew   [2][3][4]
    8. Grace (O'Meara & O'Meara)   [1]
    9. Carrickfergus   [1][4]
    10. Whiskey In The Jar   [1]
    11. The Minstral Boy (O'Donoghue)   [1]
    12. The Sea Oh The Sea (Dominic Behan)   [2][3][4]
    13. Danny Boy [1][4]

  • Dublin City Ramblers (circa 2003)
    • Sean McGuinness: Banjo, Mandolin & 2 Lead Vocals
    • Pierce McAllorum: Guitar & 1 Lead Vocals
    • Eddie Lynch: Keyboards
  • Credits
    • Design: Shay Kennedy
    • Produced by Andy O'Callaghan at Sutton Sound Studios, Dublin
    • Un-credited tracks: Trad. arr. Tommy Swarbrigg
    • ©&© Lynnwood Records, Lynn Cross, Mullingar, Co, Westmeath, Ireland

Sleeve Notes

The Dublin City Ramblers are as Irish as "porter", as fresh as brown bread and as lively as the sun dancing on the lakes of Kilarney.

Here they give you 50 minutes of music fresh as the first time it was played. From the haunting "Ireland my Ireland" to the rousing "Ramblin' Rover" — you'll be carried away on waves of emotion.

Their "live" shows are legendary. Wherever they go they bring the music of Ireland with them, in all it's sorrow anger and happiness.

But you'll end up clapping your hands and stomping your feet.

Listen and enjoy the magic of "The Ramblers".

Ireland My Ireland
(Martin Byrne)

With a tear in my eye I will say my last goodbye
For I'm going where the grass it is greener
Out of town, homeward bound, I am leaving today
For the land that I forever dreamed of

Ireland My Ireland oh I'm coming home
Though I roamed sure my heart never left her
O'er the dark rolling sea she is calling to me
Oh I'm coming back home to Ireland

When I first left my home I was inclined to roam
As a boy sure my age it was twenty
With my head full of dreams, full of hope and full of schemes
To the land that was so full of plenty


Well I found me a job and I tried to settle down
But my heart for my home was ever yearning
With my dreams, wandered forth from the land of my birth
And the day that I would be returning


  • Notes:
    • This CD is made up of primarily new tracks …
      1. Previously unreleased tracks with Lead Vocals by Pierce McAllorum
      2. Previously unreleased tracks with Lead Vocals by Sean McGuinness
      3. Previously released tracks from Raise The Roof: 1998 - LYN CD 008 CD
      4. These tracks are also included on The Flight of Earls - The Dublin City Ramblers' Greatest Hits: 2009 - CD