the Dublin City Ramblers

Dublin City Ramblers: A Nation Once Again

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  • A Nation Once Again
    • 1972 - Hawk HALP 104 LP
    • 1974 - Heritage HSLP 007 LP
    • 1975 - Dolphin DOLM 5030 LP
  • Dublin City Ramblers
    • 1980 - HARP (Pickwick) HPE 610 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Men Behind The Wire
    2. Carolan's Concerto
    3. The Foggy Dew
    4. The Old Triangle
    5. Beggarman
    6. God Save Ireland
  • Side Two
    1. A Nation Once Again
    2. Take It Down
    3. Eamon An Cnoic
    4. The Orange and the Green
    5. The Waxies Dargle
    6. The Bold Fenian Men

  • Dublin City Ramblers
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Trend Studios
    • Produced by John D'Ardis
    • Photo: Roy Esmonde
    • Sleeve Design: M. Crotty

Sleeve Notes

Hello, we're the Dublin City Ramblers. Individually we are Patsy Watchorn, Scan McGuinness, Kevin Gerahty and Mike Crotty. image We first got together simply because we all had a love of Irish ballads and loved to play around the Dublin sessions. We've been lucky enough to become popular in the many famous ballad houses in Dublin city and that's probably why we were asked to record this LP. Patsy and Sean have both been with the "Quarefellas" who have disbanded, Kevin has until a short time ago played with the Weavers and Mike has been with so many groups and backed so many singers that lack of space (and his very bad memory) prevents mentioning them.

We hope you will enjoy the selection of songs we have included on this album and hope you can get along to see us sometime. When deciding what to include, our first thoughts were that they should be songs that you could sing along with and enjoy which is what we always do when we get together.

We have also borne in mind the fact that we are Irish and should respect the ideals and aims of great Irishmen who were and still are prepared to suffer and die so that Ireland may be A NATION ONCE AGAIN.