Dominic Behan

Irish Rebel Songs

  • Irish Rebel Songs
    • 1963 - Ace Of Clubs ACL 1136 LP
    • 1963 - London International TW 91296 LP
  • Side One
    1. Foggy Dew (Trad., Arr. Stanton) - "Diarmuid O'Neill"
    2. Barry's Column (Trad., Arr. Stanton) - "Diarmuid O'Neill"
    3. My Old Fenian Gun (Trad., Arr. Stanton, McBurney) - "Diarmuid O'Neill"
    4. Shall My Soul Pass Thro' Old Ireland (Trad., Arr. Stanton) - "Patrick O'Malley"
    5. The Wearing Of The Green (Trad., Arr. Stanton) - "Patrick O'Malley"
    6. Tipperary Far Away (Trad., Arr. Stanton) - "Diarmuid O'Neill"
  • Side Two
    1. The Manchester Martyrs (Kent) - Enoch Kent
    2. Sean South Of Garryowen (Costello) - Enoch Kent
    3. Erin Divided (Trad., Arr. Stanton, McBurney) - "Diarmuid O'Neill"
    4. The Soldier's Song (Irish National Anthem) (O'Haonaigh, Keamey) - "Patrick O'Malley"
    5. Rody Macorly [ sic] (Trad., Arr. Stanton) - "Patrick O'Malley"
    6. Irish Soldier Boy (Trad., Arr. Stanton) - "Diarmuid O'Neill"

  • Musicians
    • Vocals: Dominic Behan (Diarmuid O'Neill and Patrick O'Malley)
    • Vocals: Enoch Kent
  • Notes
    • Diarmuid O'Neill & Patrick O'Malley are pseudonyms used by Dominic Behan (on this LP).
    • Below is one example of Dominic Behan's "rumored" participation on this album.
      • Bruce Eder, All Music Guide: "As to the singers themselves, there's always been a matter of conjecture regarding who appears on this record … no one was ever sure who Diarmuid O'Neill or Patrick O'Malley were. And it has been rumored (and never denied or refuted) since this album's release in 1963 that they were one and the same man, and that man was actually Dominic Behan…"
    • To me, there is no question, that it is indeed Dominic Behan.
    • All of these tracks were originally released as singles on the Beltona label in 1960 & 1961.