The Essential Guide To Folk


  • The Essential Guide To Folk
    • 2007 - Essential Guides ESGCD313 (3CD)
  • CD1: Roots
    1. Spencer The Rover — Copper Family
    2. Glory Of Love — Big Bill Broonzy
    3. Dirty Old Town Ewan MacColl
    4. Heartbreak Hotel — Martin Carthy
    5. Dr. O'Neill/The Battering Ram — Jimmy Power, Lucy Farr & Andy Boyle
    6. Do Re Mi — Woody Guthrie
    7. The Doffing Mistress — Anne Briggs
    8. Tom Dooley Sweeney's Men
    9. Brownie's Blues — Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
    10. 3/4 AD — Davy Graham & Alexis Korner
    11. Blue Bleezing Blind Drunk — Sheila Stewart
    12. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? — Pete Seeger
    13. The Patriot Game Dominic Behan
    14. Malvina Reynolds — Little Boxes
    15. Rock Island Line — Lonnie Donegan
    16. Wild Colonial Boy — Margaret Barry
    17. Irene (Goodnight Irene) — Leadbelly
  • CD2: Folk Rocks!
    1. It's All Over Now Baby Blue — Bob Dylan
    2. First Girl I Loved — Incredible String Band
    3. Fog On The Tyne — Lindisfarne
    4. Curragh Of Kildare Finbar & Eddie Furey
    5. The World Turned Upside Down — Dick Gaughan
    6. The Old Man's Song Ian Campbell Folk Group
    7. Angie — Bert Jansch
    8. The Female Drummer — Steeleye Span
    9. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway — Humblebums
    10. Canadee-I-O — Nic Jones
    11. Light Flight — Pentangle
    12. Ralph McTell — Hesitation Blues
    13. A Man's A Man For A'that — Five Hand Reel
    14. The Cloud Factory — June Tabor
    15. Mr. Fox — Mr. Fox
    16. Banks Of The Clyde — Linda Thompson
    17. Up To Now — Dransfield
  • CD3: New Routes
    1. New Year Carol: Residue — Waterson/Carthy
    2. Damn The Day — Pete Morton
    3. Katie Cruel — Bert Jansch featuring Beth Orton & Devendra Banhart
    4. Gypsy Maid — Tim Van Eyken
    5. The Point Road — Shooglenifty
    6. Barbara Allen — Cassie Franklin With Southern Brew
    7. Draggle-Tail Gypsies-O — Benji Kirkpatrick
    8. Innocent When You Dream — John Spiers & Jon Boden
    9. Seafaring Man — Mouth Music
    10. The L&N Don't Stop Here Any More — Kieron Means
    11. Mohair — Eliza Carthy
    12. Suonio-An Gille Donn/Vaskilinnun Valkerrus — Andrew Cronshaw & Sanna Kurki
    13. The Lincolnshire Poacher — Dr Faustus
    14. South Sea's — Oliver Knight
    15. Auld Lang Syne — Salsa Celtica
    16. Babes In The Wood — The Copper Family


When Cecil Sharp cycled around England in the early 1900s collecting old folk songs because he thought they'd soon be lost forever, and Texan John Lomax and his teenage son Alan trawled the southern states of America making field recordings of a buried tradition in the 1930s, they couldn't have imagined the treasure chests they were opening.

A new century finds us in a world of fast food, reality TV and instant celebrity, but the values of the music they, and others, uncovered are more precious than ever. Our 'Roots' CD1 features the artists and songs that laid the paving stones for the modern day folk stars. On 'Folk Rocks!' our CD2 reveals what started in the 1960s and continued beyond as young musicians strove to extend the reach of folk song, embracing rock styles and electric instruments and fusing the music with other genres in thrilling fashion. On CD3, 'New Routes' we show how the baton has been passed on and a new generation has emerged to preserve the tradition while taking folk music into ever more exciting new directions.