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  • Red, Hot & Blue
    • 1990 - Chrysalis 354095 CD (FRA)
  • Tracklist
    1. I've Got You Under My Skin — Neneh Cherry
    2. In The Still Of The Night — The Neville Brothers
    3. You Do Something To Me — Sinéad O'Connor
    4. Begin The Beguine — Salif Keita
    5. Love For Sale— Fine Young Cannibals
    6. Well, Did You Evah! — Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop
    7. Miss Otis Regrets & Just One Of Those Things — Kirsty MacColl & The Pogues
    8. Don't Fence Me In — David Byrne
    9. It's All Right With Me — Tom Waits
    10. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye — Annie Lennox
    11. Night And Day — U2
    12. I Love Paris — Les Negresses Vertes
    13. So In Love — k.d. lang
    14. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? — Thompson Twins
    15. Too Darn Hot — Erasure
    16. I Get A Kick Out Of You — Jungle Brothers
    17. Down In The Depths — Lisa Stansfield
    18. From This Moment On — Jimmy Somerville
    19. After You — Jody Watley
    20. Do I Love You? — Aztec Camera

  • Album Credits
    • All Songs Written by Cole Porter
    • Produced by Leigh Blake & John Carlin
    • Created by Leigh Blake, John Carlin & F. Richard Pappas
    • Executive Producers: Paul Conroy & F. Richard Pappas
    • Supervising Musical Producer: Steve Lillywhite
    • Art Direction: Helene Silverman
    • Design: Frank Gargiulo
    • Accompanying Television Special Produced by Palace Film Co.
    • Home Video Distribution by BMG Video
    • Merchandising by Jean Paul Gaultier & Rifat Ozbek
    • The Producers would like to thank everyone at Chrysalis Records: All the Artists, Producers, Management, Record Companies. Warner Chappell, The Cole Porter Trusts, & In particular: Les Bider, Judy Blame, Clein & White, Shirley Divers, Renee Dossick, Lynne Franks PR, Jonathan Grimshaw, Caroline Guinness, Maggi Hickman, Joel Hinman, Initial TV, Mathilde Krim, Ed Lachman, Adelle Lutz, Simon Makepeace. Nicky Marks, Debbie Mason, Cameron Mcvey, Scott Millaney, Ellie Milner, Jay Morgenstern. Robert Morgado, Sally Morrison, Paul, Weiss. Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison, Steve Ross, David Saltz, Andrea Starr, Seymour Stein, Ultrasonic Studios, Simon Watney, Neal Weisman, Marysia Woroniecka, Ian Wright. Special thanks to: Mayfair Studios. Sorcerer Sound, Rak Studios, Paisley Park Studios, BMGStudios. Coordination. Jill Creter. Typesetting By Expertype, NYC & Redesign, NYC. Artists, Writers, Record Companies. Publishers & Producers Have Donated All Their Royalties to Aids Charities Around The World & To The Chrysalis Aids Foundation Charitable Trust. All Lyrics Are Printed as Written By Cole Porter Courtesy Warner/Chappell Music International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.
  • Song Credits
    • "I've Got You Under My Skin" — Neneh Cherry
      • Piano Plonked by Nick Plytas
      • Produced by Baby Afrika Bamboataa, Nench Cherry, Jonny Dollar & Booga Bear
      • Mixed by Brian Chuck' New, Baby Afrika Bamboataa & Booga Bear
      • Recorded at The Coach House Studios, Bristol, England
      • Mixed at Konk Studios, London
      • This tune is dedicated with every ounce of our love to the memory of Ray Petri
    • "In The Still Of The Night" — Neville Brothers
      • Lead Vocals: Aaron Neville
      • Vocals, Keyboards: Art Neville
      • Saxophone: Charles Neville
      • Vocals, Percussion: Cyril Neville
      • Drums: Willie Green
      • Bass: Tony Hall
      • Guitar: Eric Struthers
      • Produced by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineer: David Farrell
      • Recorded & Mixed at Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans
      • Direction: Bill Graham Management
    • "You Do Something To Me" — Sinead O'Connor
      • Vocals: Sinead O'Connor
      • Orchestra: The Malcolm Griffiths Orchestra under the direction of John Mitchell
      • Produced by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineered by Chris Dickie
      • Mixed by Steve Lillywhite
      • Vocal Recorded by Chris Birkett
      • Recorded at RAK Recording Studios, London
      • Mixed at Roundhouse Studios, London
    • "Begin The Beguine" — Salif Keita
      • Vocals, Lyrics (translation): Salif Keita
      • Arrangement, Piano: Santos Chillemi
      • Brass: Jean Pierre Alcouffe
      • Engineer & Guitar: Fabrice Castelot
      • Percussion: Souleymane Doumbia
      • Balafon: Keletigui Diabate
      • Produced by Santos Chillemi
      • Executive Producer: Jean Pierre Alcouffe
      • Recorded at T.L.D. Studio, Paris
    • "Love For Sale" — Fine Young Cannibals
      • Vocals: Roland Gift
      • Bass & Keyboards: David Steele
      • Guitar: Andy Cox
      • Trumpet & Piano: Graeme Hamilton
      • Saxophone & Percussion: Saxa
      • Drums Martin Parry
      • Background Vocals: The Browns
      • Produced by D. Steele, A. Cox, R. Gift
      • Engineered by Phil Savage at Outlaw Studios
      • Mixed by A. Cox & D. Steele with Robert Musso at Air Studios
    • "Well, Did You Evah!" — Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop
      • Vocals: Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop
      • Guitar & Synthesizer: Chris Stein
      • Drums: Mel Gaynor
      • Bass Guitar: Guy Pratt
      • Produced by Chris Stein & Steve Lillywhite
      • Recorded at Red Night Studios, New York by Chris Stein
      • Additional Recording at Townhouse Studios, London
      • Engineer: Mark Wallis
      • Assisted by Chris Bandy
    • "Miss Otis Regrets" & "Just One of Those Things" — Kirsty MacColI and The Pogues
      • Vocals: Kirsty MacColl & Shane MacGowen
      • Music: The Pogues
      • Produced by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineer: Chris Dickie
      • Assisted by Daniel Duncan
      • Mixed by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineer: Chris Dickie
      • Assisted by Nigel Godrich
      • Recorded at RAK Recording Studios, London
      • Mixed at RAK Recording Studios, London
    • "Don't Fence Me In" — David Byrne
      • Guitar, Vocals: David Byrne
      • Backing Vocals: Annie Sarabia, Brenda Dunlap, Sandy Palmer
      • Caixa, Backing Vocals: Helio Schiavo
      • Fiddle: Kenny Kosek
      • Accordion: Jimmy MacDonell
      • Drums, Backing Vocals: Portinho
      • Repinique, Backing Vocals: Odimar, Reinaldo Fernandes, Tony Mola
      • Surdo, Backing Vocals: Charlie Negrita, Herculano, Jose Sena Nego Gato
      • Tamborim, Backing Vocals: Mazinho Marques, Steve Sacks
      • Tamborim, Whistle, Backing Vocals: Seku Tonge
      • Produced & Arranged by David Byrne
      • Engineer: Nick Prout
      • Second Engineers: Bill Allen & Sandy Palmer
      • Production Coordinator: Brenda Dunlap
      • Mixed by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineer: Mark Wallis
      • Assisted by Simon Van Zwanenberg
      • Recorded at BMG Studios, New York, NY.
      • Mixed at Roundhouse Studios, London
    • "It's All Right With Me" — Tom Waits
      • Vocals, Chamberlin & Percussion: Tom Waits
      • Bass & Percussion: Greg Cohen
      • Produced by Tom Waits & Greg Cohen
      • Engineered by Biff Dawes & Bill Jackson
      • Project Coordination: Catharina Masters
      • Recorded at Sunset Sound Factory & Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood, California
    • "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" — Annie Lennox
      • Vocals: Annie Lennox
      • Piano: Ed Shearmur
      • Accordian: James Fearnley
      • Bass: Chucho Merchan
      • Produced by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineered by Chris Dickie
      • Mixed by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineer: Karl Madert
      • Recorded at RAK Recording Studios, London
      • Mixed at Utopia Recording Studios, London
    • "Night and Day" — U2
      • Keyboards: Dr. Paul Barrett
      • Congas: Noel Eccles
      • Infinite Guitar: Edge
      • Executive Producer: Steve Lillywhite
      • Produced by Edge & Paul Barrett
      • Engineered by Ian Bryan & Eoghan McCarron
      • Recorded in Edge's Basement, June 1990.
    • "I Love Paris" — Les Negresses Vertes
      • Lead Vocal: Helno
      • Guitar, Backing Vocals: Mellino
      • Accordian, Backing Vocals: Mathieu Canavese
      • Guitar, Backing Vocals: Joroz
      • Clarinet, Percussion, Backing Vocals: Abraham Sirinix
      • Bass: Paulo
      • Backing Vocals: Julo
      • Bongos: Gaby Le Magnifique
      • Drums: Ze Ze
      • Produced & Mixed by Sodi and Clive
      • Recorded at Davout & Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris
      • Mixed at Mayfair Studios, London
    • "So In Love" — k.d. lang
      • Vocal: k.d. lang
      • Guitar: Ben Mink
      • Accordian: Ted Borowiecki
      • Bass: David Piltch
      • Drums: Kim Zick
      • Keyboards: Connie Grauer
      • Produced by k.d. lang, Penny, Mink
      • Engineer: Joe Seta, Second Engineer: Mark Ramaer
      • Recorded at Vancouver Studios, Vancouver B.C. Canada
    • "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" — The Thompson Twins
      • Vocals: Torn Bailey & Alannah Currie
      • Produced & Mixed by Tom Bailey, Steve Lillywhite & Keith Fernley
      • Assisted by Lee Curie
      • Recorded at Point Music, London
      • Mixed at Mayfair Recording Studios, London. The Thompson Twins appear
    • "Too Darn Hot" — Erasure
      • Produced & arranged by Vince Clarke & Andy Bill of Erasure
      • Engineer Jim Goatley
      • Assistant Engineer: John Azelvandre
      • Mixed by Steve Lillywhite
      • Engineer: Mark Wallis
      • Assisted by Simon Van Zwanenberg
      • Recorded at Sorcerer Sound, New York City
      • Mixed at Roundhouse Studios, London
    • "I Get A Kick Out Of You" — The Jungle Brothers
      • The Jungle Brothers: Baby Afrika Bambaataa, Mike G, Sammy B
      • Background Vocals: Steve Finan, Lucien
      • Produced by Baby Afrika Bambaataa
      • Engineer: Robert Power
      • Recorded at Calliope Studios, New York City
    • "Down In The Depths" — Lisa Stansfield
      • Vocals: Lisa Stansfield
      • Brass: Andy Morris & Ian Devaney
      • Additional Trumpet: Stephen Gibson
      • Drums: Kevin Whitehead
      • Produced by Andy Morris, Ian Devaney & Lisa Stansfield
    • "From This Moment On" — Jimmy Somerville
      • Vocals: Jimmy Somerville
      • Guitar & Lap Steel: Mark Nevin
      • Produced by Steve Lillywhite, Tom Bailey & Keith Fernley
      • Engineered by Keith Fernley
      • Assisted by Lee Curie
      • Recorded at Mayfair Recording Studios, London
    • "After You" — Jody Watley
      • Vocals: Jody Watley
      • Piano: Randy Waldman
      • Bass: John Clayton
      • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
      • Produced by Andre Cymone
      • Engineered by Bobby Brooks
      • Assistant Engineer: Max Garcia
      • Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood
      • Mixed at the Loft
    • "Do I Love You?" — Aztec Camera
      • Vocal & Guitar: Roddy Frame
      • Keyboards: Gary Sanctuary
      • Bass: Paul Powell
      • Drums: Frank Tontoh
      • Produced by Roddy Frame & Eric Calvi
      • Engineered by Eric Calvi
      • Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales