Anthologies   •   Live For Ireland (UK)

  • Live For Ireland
    • 1988 - MCA Records MCG 6027 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan) — U2
    2. Seven Into The Sea (In Tua Nua) — In Tua Nua
    3. Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff) — Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    4. Dirty Old Town (Ewan McColl) — The Pogues (Introduced by Ronnie Drew)
    5. Don't Pay The Ferryman (Chris De Burgh) — Chris De Burgh
    6. Harry's Game (Paul Brennan) — Clannad
  • Side Two
    1. The Bridge (Cactus World News) — Cactus World News
    2. Looking After No. 1 (Bob Geldof) — The Boomtown Rats
    3. Here Comes The Knight (Van Morrison) — Van Morrison
    4. Don't Believe A Word (Phil Lynott) — Thin Lizzy
    5. Steel River (Chris Rea) — Chris Rea
    6. Make It Work (Christy Moore) — Christy Moore, Paul Doran

  • Credits
    • Album Executive Producer: Avril MacRory
    • Album Co-ordinator: Tony Boland
    • Sound Executive: Jack Peoples
    • Self-Aid devised & co-ordinator by Niall Mathews & Tony Boland
    • Radio Producer: Bill O'Donovan
    • Executive Producer: Niall Mathews
    • Concert Manager: Jim Aiken
    • Concert Sound Engineer: Joe O'Herlihy
    • Concert Coordinator: Steve Iredale
    • Photography by Colm Henry & Tina Christiansen
    • Sleeve Design, Typography & Art Direction: Steve Averill for the Creative Dept. Ltd. Dublin
  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.

This album was recorded live on May 17, 1986 at the Self-Aid concert in Dublin. The concert was organized to highlight and to help out the unemployment problem in Ireland that was affecting the country at the time. The concert at the time was the largest staged in Ireland. Many of the acts performed more than the one or two songs that were included on this compilation.