Anthologies   •   RTÉ's Festival Folk - Volume Three

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  • RTÉ's Festival Folk - Volume Three
    • 1984 - RTE 86 LP (IRL)
  • Side Two
    1. Living In These Troubled Times (Roger Cooke, Phil Donnelly, Sam Hogin) — Maura O'Connell
    2. Raglan Road (P. Kavanagh) — Paddy Reilly
    3. The Ferryman (Pete St. John) — Dublin City Ramblers
    4. I Never Will Marry (Trad. Arr. Campbell & Cassidy) — The Morrisseys
    5. Go Lassie Go (Trad. Arr. McCann) — Jim McCann
    6. Town I Loved So Well (Phil Coulter) — Ronnie Drew & The Dubliners
    7. Bunch of Thyme ( Trad. Arr. Foster & Allen) — Foster & Allen

  • Credits
    • Producer: Ian McGarry
    • Sound: Charlie Byrne
    • Recordings taken from the live concerts at the National Stadium, Dublin, produced by RTE in association with Brian Molloy.
    • Front Sketch: Stone Circle at Drombeg, Co. Cork.
    • Layout: Michael Germaine
    • Typesetting: Computertype Ltd.
    • Printed: Massey Brothers Ltd.

Sleeve Notes

RTE's Festival Folk series has been gathering strength from year to year and I am pleased to have been associated with it from the very beginning in 1982. There have been many memorable concerts at The National Stadium and many stirring individual performances. This album features tracks from most of the top names in the Irish Folk world who have taken part in the Festival Folk weeks and they need no introduction from me. The songs are all great favourites and indeed this can be truly called a hits album. I wish to thank all the participants for their co-operation and I can say it was a pleasure to work with each and every one of them.

Ian McGarry
Producer/Director RTE Television