Anthologies   •   RTÉ's Festival Folk - Volume Two

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  • RTÉ's Festival Folk - Volume Two
    • 1983 - RTE 77 LP (IRL)
  • Side Two
    1. Green Fields of France (E. Bogle) — The Fureys & Davey Arthur
    2. Three Score & Ten (Trad. Arr. McEvoy) — Johnny McEvoy
    3. Peggy Gordon (Trad. Arr. Campbell & Rellly) — Paddy Reilly
    4. Punch & Judy Man (St. John) — Dublin City Ramblers
    5. Mr. Connaughton (McTell) — Ralph McTell
    6. The Singer (C. McGettingan) — Jargon
    7. Harvest Moon (Trad. Arr. Campbell & Cassidy) — Foster & Allen
    8. Old Rustic Bridge (Trad. Arr. Campbell & Cassidy) — The Morrisseys

  • Credits
    • Producer: Ian McGarry
    • Sound: Charlie Byrne
    • Recordings taken from the live concerts at the National Stadium, Dublin, produced by RTE in association with Brian Molloy.
    • Front Sketch: Example of a clochan (beehive hut) to be found on the Arran Islands or on Skellig Island.
    • Layout: Michael Germaine
    • Typesetting: Computertype Ltd.
    • Printed: Massey Brothers Ltd.

Sleeve Notes

The Fureys & Davey Arthur — The Fureys & Davey Arthur have become probably the biggest attraction on the Irish Folk Scene. Their UK Chart success "Sweet Sixteen" has brought them to a wider UK audience but they have long ago built a reputation in Europe, especially in West Germany and Holland as a folk group which has a particularly wide appeal. The group is made up of the brothers, Paul, George, Finbar & Eddie Furey and as well as Davey Arthur.

The Morrisseys — Norman, Billy and Louise Morrisey, are from Bansha, Co. Tipperary and have carved a considerable niche for themselves in the folk and ballad market. They have made count-less appearances throughout the folk and ballad circuit to great critical acclaim. "The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill" was their most recent hit single and is the title of their current album. They are continuing to grow in popularity and these tracks bear testament to how much they have progressed since their formation three years ago.

Foster & Allen — Mick Foster & Tony Allen who hail from Ireland's Midlands have made a meteoric rise to fame with three hit singles in the UK to date. Superlatives are difficult to find to describe the successes that this affable duo have achieved. They have also achieved notable success in Australia and are currently making great strides in the Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands.

Ralph McTell — Ralph McTell is a major concert attraction worldwide and has been most widely known for his "Streets of London" which is in every folk singer's repertoire. He also wrote "Frome Clare To Here" which was a major hit in this country for The Fureys & Davey Arthur. Ralph has toured here on several occasions in the past few years and has played to ecstatic crowds. He is a warm and deep thinking man who reflects his personality in his heartfelt performances.

Johnny McEvoy — Johnny McEvoy is Without doubt one of the most successful recording stars in the history of the Irish music business. He can claim a string of No. 1 hit singles and a dozen top selling albums, and his concert performances are consistent sell-outs. The recording of his Festival Folk concert was one of the highlights of the TV series and provides ample evidence of the charisma and sheer artistry of a talent that has enthralled audiences for well over a decade.

Dublin City Ramblers — The Dublin City Ramblers have achieved a number of considerable successes. This year they have had two top ten hits "The Ferryman" and "Punch & Judy Man". The Ramblers are Patsy Watchorn, Kevin Molloy, Seán McGuiness and Phil McCaffrey. They have consolidated their position as Ireland's top ballad group, and are currently enjoying a hectic schedule. With a host of radio and television shows and three major hits, is it any wonder that they are playing to packed houses wherever they go.

Paddy Reilly — Paddy Reilly has been regarded as Ireland's top Folk singer for the past 20 years. His big hit single was "The Town I Loved So Well", which he recorded in 1975 and it has become one of the best selling records in Ireland, and has earned Paddy a Gold Disc for sales of over 100,000. Paddy has toured extensively, not alone in Ireland but in England and America.

Jargon — Jargon have been on the road for seven years now in various forms. They are a four piece 'outfit playing good time music and have a considerable repertoire of self-penned material composed by group leader Charlie McGettigan. Their debut single "Bailieboro & Me" received considerable airplay and great critical acclaim as did their most recent single "The Singer". Jargon are from the Sligo/Leitrim/Roscommon area and the line up of the group is Charlie McGettigan, Brendan Emmett, Liam Gilmartin and Gerry Grennan.