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  • H-Block
    • 1980 - HB LO001 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Rights Of Man (Trad. Molloy)
    2. Guest Of The Queen (Brian Ua Baoill)
    3. On The Blanket (Mick Hanly)
    4. H. Block Song (Francie Brolly)
    5. Repeal The Union (Trad. Molloy)
  • Side Two
    1. Bright Star
    2. Taimse I Mo Chodladh (Trad.)
    3. 90 Miles From Dublin (Christy Moore)
    4. A Retort
    5. Lucy Campbell/Patsy Tuohy (Trad. Hill & Linane)

  • Musicians
    • Francie Brolly wrote and sang "H Block Song"
    • Christy Moore wrote and sang "90 Miles from Dublin"
    • Dan Dowd played uileann pipes on "Taimse I Mo Chodladh"
    • Stephen Ray read the 3 poems
    • Mick Hanly wrote and sang "On the Blanket"
    • Brian Ua Baoill wrote "Guest of the Queen" which was published in the Hibernia
    • Noel Hill & Tony Linane played concertina and fiddle on "Lucy Campbell/Patsy Tuohy"
    • Thomas Ryan R.H.A. painted "Humiliation - Castlereagh" reproduced on front sleeve
    • Dónal Lunny played bouzouki and guitar
    • Matt Molloy played flute on "Rights Of Man" and "Repeal The Union"
    • Declan Sinnott plays guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Dónal Lunny and Christy Moore
    • All Royalties To Relatives Action Committee.
    • Sleeve Design: Paul Kelly
    • Both these poems ("Bright Star" & "A Retort") were written by prisoners in H. Block and were smuggled out to the Relatives Action Committee.