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  • The Philadelphia Folk Festival
    • 1978 - Flying Fish FF-064 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Scots Piping (Trad.) — Bruce Martin
    2. Did You Hear John Hurt? (Paxton) — Tom Paxton
    3. Jerusalem Ridge (Monroe) — Norman Blake
    4. Lady Isabel and The Elf Knight (Trad.) — Michael Cooney
    5. Irish Dance Medley (Trad., Michael Coleman) — De Danann
      1. The Boys Of Bailisodaire
      2. The Longford Collector
    6. Then Came The Children (Seibel) — Kate Wolf
    7. Step It Up And Go (Trad.) — John Jackson
    8. I Gotta Be Me (Odetta) — Odetta
  • Side Two
    1. Green, Green Rocky Road (Trad.) — Dave Van Ronk
    2. All For Me Grog (Trad.) — Louis Killen
    3. Wild Goose Chase (Trad.) — Roger Sprung, Hal Wylie & The Progressive Bluegrassers
    4. A Little Piece Of Wang (Lloyd) — Debbie McClatchy
    5. The Glory Of Love (Gershwin) — Lew London Trio
    6. Dance All Night (Trad.) — Highwood String Band & The Green Grass Cloggers

  • Credits
    • Produced by Gene Shay
    • Recorded at the Old Poole Farm, Upper Salford, PA., August 26, 27, 28, 1977
    • Recorded by Sound Advice, Philadelphia
    • Mixing: Joel Fein and Steve Tose
    • Mastered at Acme Recording Studio, Chicago
    • Engineer: Mchael Rasfeld
    • Cover design: Steve Williams
    • Photography: Daniel Miles Kron
    • The Philadelphia Folk Festival 1977
      • Festival Chairman: Ellis Hershman
      • Programming: Teresa Pyott
    • The Philadelphia Folk Festival is sponsored and produced by The Philadelphia Folksong Society, a non-profit educational corporation.
    • The producer wishes to thank the following recording companies for their kind cooperation: Arhoolie, The Decca Record Co. Ltd., Front Hall, Owl, Philo, Rounder, Vanguard, Shanachie
    • Special thanks: Bruce Kaplan, Teresa Pyott, Mick Maloney, Neece Lamey, Andy Braunfeld and Fred Oster Vintage Intruments

Sleeve Notes

This the first album of the Philadelphia Folk Festival to be released since 1961, the year the Festival began. On it you 11 hear highlights of the 1977 Festival evening concerts. Outstanding performances yes, but a mere sampling of the many talented musicians, singers, songwriters, dancers and story tellers who turn these annual get-togethers into something very special.

To them and to the countless Festival volunteers—from seasoned, headquarters staffers to the kids working in parking—this album is dedicated.

Ken Goldstein produced The Philadelphia Folk Festival Vols. 1 and 2 for Prestige Records. Both albums are now out-of-print.