Anthologies   •   Woody Guthrie's — "We Ain't Down Yet"

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  • Woody Guthrie's — "We Ain't Down Yet"
    • 1976 - Cream CR- 1002 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. The Prophet Singer — Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
    2. Build Me A World — Union Maid
    3. Loneliness — Deportee
    4. All Of Us — So Long It's Been Good To Know You
    5. Wet Pair of Shoes — The Great Historical Bum
  • Side Two
    1. Born To Win — The Grand Coulee Dam
    2. We Ain't Down Yet — Music Background: America, The Lady Of The Harbor (P. Parrish)
    3. Love Tonic — This Train Is Bound For Glory
    4. Kids — My Daddy (Flies A Ship In The Sky)
    5. Letter To Will Geer — Goin' Down The Road
    6. The Singing Cricket
    7. Words spoken by Seals & Crofts from writings of the Bahá'í Faith

  • Credits
    • Produced by Don Gallese & Rodney Dillard for TMR Productions.
    • Engineered by Jerry Barnes and Don Gallese.
    • Mixed by Jerry Barnes at United/Western Studios, Hollywood, CA
    • Arrangements: Rodney Dillard, Daniel Moore & Jeff Gilkenson — except:
      • Strings Arranged by Jimmie Haskell (Tracks: 1, 8 & 9)
      • Vocal Arrangement: David Sommerville (Track: 8)
    • Album Cover Design: Bob Cato
    • Written by Woody Guthrie, unless otherwise noted.
  • Acknowledgements
    • Thanks to Marjorie Guthrie, Harold Leventhal, Alfred Schlesinger, MacMillan Publishing Co., Thad Geer, and especially to Jess Pearson for their help in making this album possible. And to Cream Records'/Bob Todd, Wayne Bennett, Don Graham, Hal Winn and Laurie Hersch … and to Al Bennett for believing … The Producers

Sleeve Notes

"All you can write is what you see." — Woody Guthrie, Feb. 27, 1940

"We must look beyond the songs to find the full importance of Woody Guthrie. As a song-maker, he has earned the stature he deserves. But his reputation as a writer, poet and philosopher is still underground and must he brought into the light. When his songs, poems, and essays are studied in our American literature classes, this omission may be righted."

Robert Shelton
From introduction to "Born To Win" by Woody Guthrie, © 1967

"When I heard the first taping I was moved to tears … for here was that indomitable spirit … once again … talking for all of us who managed to live despite all the hardships."

Marjorie Guthrie
Oct., 1976

"What do I think of Woody as a writer? Well, he was a genius … all of a piece … he learnt' from everybody, and from everything … "

Pete Seeger

"Woody's musical training came from songs he heard as a kid. Songs about outlaws and lovers and about everything else that was going down when they were written."

Arlo Guthrie
It's A Mighty Hard Road

"Woody Guthrie was an inspiration to all of us who 'knew his music and the very deep struggle that he went through in his life to remain always aware of his fellow human beings; his writing of the hopes and the anguishes and the joys of Americans has given us all courage to live and make music in the face of adversity, struggle and in rare times of calm."

Judy Collins
Jan. 21, 1976