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  • The Lid Of Me Granny's Bin
    • 1974 - Outlet DBL 502 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Lid of Me Granny's Bin (J. Mulhern) — Blackthorn
    2. Over the Wall (Wolfhound) — Wolfhound
    3. Reluctant Patriot (S. McCarthy) — Eugene McEldowney
    4. Man From Mullingar (Gilligan) — Declan Hunt
    5. Dingle Regatta (Gilligan) — Blackthorn
  • Side Two
    1. Helicopter Song (Provie Birdie) (McRobin) — Wolfhound
    2. Man From the Daily Mail (Gilligan) — Blackthorn
    3. Free Belfast (McDonagh) — Owen McDonagh
    4. Come Out Ye Black and Tans (Behan) — Declan Hunt
    5. Magnificent Seven (Wolfhound) — Wolfhound

  • Tracks Sources
    • Tracks: 1 & 5 are from The Lid Of My Granny's Bin: 1973 - Outlet OUT 049 [7"] (UK)
    • Tracks: 2 & 10 is from Over the Wall (Crumlin Kangaroos) & The Magnificent Seven: 1972 - R&O RO.1002 [7"] (IRL)
    • Tracks: 4 & 9 from Stick 'Em Up (1971, IRL)
    • Track: 6 from Provie Birdie & Sweet Carnlough Bay: 1973 - Folk Records FS 202 [7"] (IRL)
    • Track: 7 is from Londons' Derry & Man From The Daily Mail: 1973 - Derry JAN 3072 [7"] (IRL)
    • Track: 8 is from Songs Of Irish Civil Rights (1970, UK)
    • Tracks: 6 & 10 also appear on The Best of the Wolfhound (1974, IRL)

Ireland has always been a troubled country and from her troubles has come much of her music and song. There is scarcely a tragic event which has not been recorded in song — songs of great beauty and songs of great sadness: but throughout their troubled times the irish have retained a sense of humour and still have the ability to laugh at events having first had a good cry at them: The internment policy and the resulting raids on homes gave rise to the bin-lid rattling alarm system which has saved many an innocent man from capture. Yet tragic as the actuality is, the "Lid Of Me Granny's Bin" takes a different and laughing look at the situation. But as they say — "who's laughing at who?" The bravery of seven internees in swimming the icy waters of belfast lough to escape from the prison ship maidstone is in no way lessened by the humour in the song "The Magnificent Seven" for again — "who's laughing at who?" and so it is with all the songs on this album. Somebody takes a knock — usually the establishment be it the organised (sic) government, the press or the individual politicians. Oh yes, and if you do hear the bins when you're playing this they're probably coming to lift your record.