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  • Clearwater
    • 1974 - Sound House SHR 1001 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Old Father Hudson (Seeger) — Pete Seeger
    2. Love Our River Again (Collier) — Jimmy Collier – w/Pete Seeger
    3. Haul on the Bowline Louis Killen & Clearwater crew (Tony Barrand, John Roberts, Gordon Bok, Jon Eberhart, Andy Wallace, Jeff Warner)
    4. Strike the Bell — Tim McGinness, Peter Willox – w/Tony Barrand, John Roberts, Pete Seeger
    5. Mrs. MacDonald's Lament (Bok) — Gordon Bok
    6. Tapestry Don McLean
    7. Sweet Rosyanne (Lomax) — Pete Seeger – w/Gordon Bok, Jon Eberhart, Andy Wallace, Jeff Warner, John Roberts, Andy Wallace
  • Side Two
    1. Sailing Up, Sailing Down (Wyatt, Reed) — Lorre Wyatt – w/John Ebert, Mark Gamma, Bob Killian, Ed Renehan, Pete Seeger, Bob Kiloan, John Ebert, Ed Renchan, Pete Seeger
    2. Reuben Ranzo — Louis Killen & Clearwater crew (Tony Barrand, Gordon Bok, Jon Eberhart, John Roberts, Andy Wallace, Jeff Warner)
    3. See Rock City (Foote) — Andy Wallace – w/Jon Eberhart, Rita Hurault
    4. Once a Boat has Broken from the Shore (Wyatt) — Lorre Wyatt
    5. You Can't Eat the Oysters (Sullivan, Reynolds) — Keith Sullivan – w/Mary Cliff, Sue Clifford, Al Dilia, Rita Hurault, Bob Killian, Brother Fred Kirkpatrick, Tim McGinnes, Ed Renehan, Tobey Sanford, Pete Seeger, Bill Siebert, Rit Suraci, Andy Wallace, Lorre Wyatt
    6. Good Mornin' Brother Hudson (Kilpatrick) — Brother Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick – w/John Ebert, Rita Hurault, Bob Killian, Ed Renehan, Pete Seeger, Keith Sullivan, Lorre Wyatt
    7. Shenandoah — Don McLean – w/Gordon Bok, Jon Eberhart, Bob Killian, Pete Seeger, Andy Wallace
    8. Seaman's Hymn (Lloyd) — Gordon Bok, Jon Eberhard, Louis Killen, Don McLean, Andy Wallace

  • Musicians
    • Tony Barrand, Gordon Bok, Jimmy Collier, Jon Eberhart, John Ebert, Mark Gamma, Louis Killen, Bob Killian, Rev. F. D. Kirkpatricr, Tim Mcginness, Don McLean, Ed Renehan, John Roberts, Pete Seeger, Keith Sullivan, Andy Wallace, Jeff Warner, Peter Willcox, Lorre Wyatt
  • Credits
    • Engineering: John Hawkins, Pete Gamma
    • Production: Pete Seeger, John Milliken
    • Studio and production assistance were provided by Sound House Records, Newburgh, N.Y.
    • The cover design was contributed by Dennis Fritz, Chelsea, N.Y.

Sleeve Notes

These artists contributed their talents to the CLEARWATER album, hoping to reawaken a love and pride in a river that once ran clear …