Jerusalem of Gold — Songs of the Six Day War — Sung in English

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  • Jerusalem of Gold — Songs of the Six Day War (Sung in English)
    • 1973 - Hed-Arzi BAN 14031 LP (ISR)
  • Side One
    1. Jerusalem of Gold (Naomi Shemer, Trans. N. Newell) — Shuly Herold
    2. The Straits Of Tiran (Y. Mohar, M. Wilensky, Trans. E. Manor) — Benny Amdursky & Aric Lavie
    3. Sharm-A-Sheikh (A. Ettinger, R. Gabai, Trans. R. Eliran) — Oshik Levy
    4. Nasser Is Awaiting Rabin (Hefer, Folk., Trans. M. Norman) — Aric Lavie
    5. These Letters (D. Manossi, M. Bar Kol, Trans. D. Manossi) — Benny Amdursky
    6. He, That Was Dreaming (D. Manossi, Y. Zarai, Trans. D. Manossi) — Aric Lavie
  • Side Two
    1. Rachel's Tomb (S. Rosen, E. Netzer, Trans. S. Rosen) — Aric Lavie
    2. Keep Your Fingers Crossed (R. Dinur, N. Hirsch, Trans. E. Manor) — Oshik Levy
    3. Who Cares (Y. Gamzo, Folk., Trans. S. Bar) — Shimon Bar
    4. A Letter From Daddy (M. Zuri,. Y. Wald, Trans. E. Manor) — Ofra Fuchs
    5. Our David (U. Sela, Y. Zarai, Trans. D. Manossi) — Arie Lavie
    6. To Morrow (Naomi Shemer, Trans. Naomi Shemer) — Edna Goren

  • Musicians
    • Shuly Herold, Benny Amdursky, Aric Lavie, Oshik Levy, Shimon Bar, Ofra Fuchs & Edna Goren
  • Credits
    • Producer: Benny Amdursky
    • Arranged by
      • Peter Colmer (Track: 1)
      • Alex Weiss (Tracks: 2, 4, 9)
      • David Krivoushey (Tracks: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12)
      • N. Hirsch (Track: 10)
    • Cover Design: K. Hovav

This album is a collection of the most popular songs created in the year 1967. In their Hebrew version, each and every one of these selections has been a hit in its own right, and all of them together achieved sales never before heard of in Israel.

Yet, this much more than a string of successful hits. This album is the reflection of feelings, moods and days of struggle in a year which will surely be regarded as one of the most important in the history of the Jewish people. During six days, in the month of June, 1967, this people which according to general opinion, did not stand much of a chance to survive an attack from all its neighbours together, proved it can take very well care of itself, even without outside help.

The songs in this album are echos of these days of glory. You may hear the optimism of soldiers before the battle, in "The Straits of Tiran" or "Nasser is awaiting Rabin", listen to their thoughts flying back home in "Keep your fingers crossed" and "Greetings from Daddy", feel the fervour of their sentiments before "Jerusalem of Gold", unified again, and their joy at reaching Sharm-A-Sheikh.

But beside the glory, there was the mourning. Mourning for "Our David" who will never come back, for all those "Who have dreamed" and did not live through to see their dream become reality.

And, at the end of it all, there is hope. Hope for "To Morrow", for peace, for open seas and open borders, for a future brighter than the first twenty years of strife this land has known. We may live in the shadow of war, but our daily greeting is still "Shalom".