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  • Unity Creates Strength
    • 1972 - Nevis NEV R007 LP (UK)
  • Side Two
    1. Pack Your Tools (J. Macgregor) — Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor
    2. Great Iron Ship (Danny Kyle) — Danny Kyle
    3. Cowes Capers (Jim McLean) — Alistair McDonald
    4. Been On The Road (Alex Campbell) — Alex Campbell
    5. S.S.Shieldhall (John Murphy) — The Laggan
    6. Pass Round The Whisky (Ian Campbell) — Ian Campbell
      • Finale — All

  • Musicians
    • Dominic Behan
    • Alex Campbell
    • Ian Campbell
    • Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor
    • Danny Kyle
    • The Laggan
    • Alistair McDonald
  • Credits
    • Produced by Jim McLean

Sleeve Notes

Since the 1920's, the Clydeside has struggled against unemployment and bad conditions but always, the men of the Clyde have fought each issue as it arose. John MacLean was carried shoulder high to Glasgow Green when he advocated a take-over by the Scottish workers, and today, 50 years later, they have shown the world how effective workers' control can be.

The Artistes involved and NEVIS PRODUCTIONS have given their services free to show solidarity with the new Clydesiders.

Danny Kyle, 1972


This album was produced by Jim McLean—his accomplishments (to name a few) include: songwriter: " Massacre of Glencoe", "The Barras", "The Wallace" record producer; original Glesga Eskimo; deck boy in Swedish merchant Navy and the first roadie for The Dubliners.

Here is what Jim had to say about Unity Creates Strength:
"I was approached by Danny Kyle, an old friend, if I could do anything for the strike/sit in and I went up to Glasgow and met Jimmy Airlie. I proposed making an LP which they (the committee) could buy for 50p and sell on, thereby making money for the strike fund. Myself and all concerned waived any profits … the 50p covered studio time, pressings and LP sleeves. I gathered the artists around and produced the album Unity Creates Strength. Jimmie MacGregor wrote "Pack Your Tools and Go" specifically for the LP but the other song, "The Highland Medley" is just a trad. selection recorded and sung by many people before.

A humorous aside…I was friendly with a friend of Seán Connery's, a golfing partner, and I asked Seán, through my friend, if he would write the sleeve notes and he agreed. However he was in Spain at the time and my deadline for the release of the LP was too close and we had to abandon the idea and Danny wrote them instead! Coincidentally the LP number was NEV LP 007 … pure coincidence."

Concerning Ian Campbell—according to Jim, "He's not the 'Birmingham Ian' (Ian Campbell Folk Group) but from Govan, Glasgow. He is a good bass player and sang and played with all the Glasgow Folkies, Tam Harvey etc. He played on an LP for Billy Connolly but assures me he still hasn't got paid!!"