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  • Men Behind The Wire
    • 1972 - R & O Records ROL 3001 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Men Behind the Wire (McGuigan) — Ray McAreavy
    2. Connelly Was There (Gilligan) — Declan Hunt
    3. Three Flowers (Arr. Patterson) — Declan Hunt
    4. Valley of Knockanure (Arr. Patterson) — Declan Hunt
    5. Boys of Kilmichael (Arr. Patterson) — Declan Hunt
    6. 3rd West Cork Brigade (Smith) — Declan Hunt
  • Side Two
    1. Come to The Bower (Arr. Patterson) — Declan Hunt
    2. Peter Crowley (Smith) — Johnny Beggan
    3. Old Fenian Gun (Arr. Patterson) — Declan Hunt
    4. England's Gallows Tree (Gilligan) — Declan Hunt
    5. Seán South (Costello) — Declan Hunt

Sleeve Notes

HEREAS it appears to me, on the recommendation of the Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, that for securing the preservation of the peace and the maintenance of the order in Northern Ireland, it is expedient that PAT McGUIGAN, SONGWRITER who is suspected of having acted or being about to act in a manner prejudicial to the preservation of the peace and the maintenance of order in Northern Ireland, should be interned.

NOW I, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE BRIAN FAULKNER, Minister of Home Affairs for Northern Ireland, by virtue of the powers invested in me by the Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Act (Northern Ireland) 1922, and the Regulations made thereunder, and of all other powers me thereunto enabling, DO HEREBY ORDER the said PAT McGUIGAN forthwith to be interned in MAGILLIGAN CAMP and to be subject to all the rules and restrictions applicable to persons there interned, and to be kept interned there until further order.

If the said PAT McGUIGAN desires to make any representations against this Order of Internment he may, after a copy of this Order is served on him, hand in a statement of such representations to the official in charge where he is interned, and that official shall forthwith forward such representations to the Advisory Committee specially appointed for the purposes of Regulation 12 of the said Regulations/which is presided over by a person who holds or has held high judicial office, or is a Recorder of County Court Judge, or a practising barrister of at least ten years' standing/for the due consideration of such representations by that Committee.

Dated this 16th day of JANUARY, 1972

  • The Special Powers Act-Northern Ireland Under the Act the Authorities are empowered to:
    1. Arrest without warrant.
    2. Imprison without charge or trial and deny recourse to habeus corpus or a court of law.
    3. Enter and search homes without warrant, and with force, at any hour of day or night.
    4. Declare a curfew and prohibit meetings, assemblies (including fairs and markets) and processions.
    5. Permit punishment by flogging.
    6. Deny claim to a trial by jury.
    7. Arrest persons it is desired to examine as witnesses, forcibly detain them and compel them to answer questions, under penalties, even if answers may incriminate them. Such person is guilty of an offence if he refuses to be sworn or answer a question.
    8. Do any act involving interference with the rights of private property.
    9. Prevent access of relatives or legal advisers to a person imprisoned without trial.
    10. Prohibit the holding of an inquest after a prisoner's death.
    11. Arrest a person who "by word of mouth" spreads false reports or makes fake statements.
    12. Prohibit the circulation of any newspaper.
    13. Prohibit the possession of any film or gramophone record.
    14. Arrest a person who does anything "calculated to be prejudicial to the preservation of peace of maintenance of order in Northern Ireland and not specifically provided for in the regulations.