Anthologies   •   Irish All Star Revue

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  • Irish All Star Revue
    • 1972 - Rex Records LP768 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. The Moonshiner — The Irish Minstrels
    2. Selection Of Irish Dances — The Irish Minstrels
    3. Rhode Island Red — The Irish Minstrels
    4. Peggy Latimore — The Irish Minstrels
    5. Gypsy Rover — John Masterson
    6. The Black Grunger — John Masterson
    7. Leaving On a Jet Plane — Carol McCarthy
    8. Irish Eyes Are Smiling — Carol McCarthy
    9. Cotton Fields — Carol McCarthy
  • Side Two
    1. Bagpipe Selection — Washington Bagpipers
    2. Spinning Wheel — Katie Hanley
    3. Limerick City — Katie Hanley
    4. Holy Ground — Butch & Maeve
    5. The T.D. — Butch & Maeve
    6. Carrickfergus — Butch & Maeve
    7. Give Ireland Back to The Irish — Butch & Maeve
    8. Farewell From Matt Kane & The Entire Company — Matt Kane

  • Musicians
    • Butch Moore & Maeve Mulvany
    • The Irish Minstrels
    • Carol McCarthy
    • Kathy Hanley
    • John Masterson
    • Washington Bagpipers
  • Credits
    • Recorded Live at "Matt Kane's" — Bit of Ireland Washington, D.C.

Sleeve Notes

In the hustle and bustle of Washington, D C., it's hard to believe you can find an authentic "Bit of Ireland" — but at the corner of 13th Street and Massachusetts Avenue you'll find Matt Kane's rambling two story Irish Pub. Upon entering you would sincerely believe you were indeed in Ireland.

As you sit and sip on your favorite beverage you will notice the surroundings are all imported from Ireland — from the bar fixtures to the Irish entertainment and Seamus McIvor.

Upon our arrival from Ireland, Maeve Mulvany and I were engaged to perform at "Matt's" for a week and ended up playing 20 weeks — that was two years ago and since then we now realize we have found a home away from home. I think what makes us enjoy playing at"Matt's'' is the audience — one of the finest in 'the world — any entertainer would love them —

This audience took to their hearts "the Irish Minstrels" — a multi-taiented foursome from Ireland, now residing in Chicago. Ireland's loss — America's gain —

The group contains:
Mike Duignan — County Down
Marty Smith — Dublin
Terry Horan — Dublin
Danny O'Flagherty — County Galway

Another big favorite is Carol McCarthy a young lady who not only sings but composed many songs and we understand is quite an actress.

American born, redheaded Katie Hanley had such an interest in Irish music and folklore, she traveled to Ireland to study the culture and appeared in many concerts over there.

From the ranks of the Washington Bagpipers emerged a guitarist, namely John Masterson — a truly fine entertainer. Wednesday night at "Matt's" is a most colorful evening — with the regular show. "Matt" features the Washington Bagpipers — if you enjoy bagpipes it's difficult to find better.

It would be impossible to finish up without a few words about the man himself — Matt the most colorful character I have ever met — full of Irish wit and yet wisdom. You would have to meet him to know exactly what I mean. So I suggest on your next visit to Washington, make it a point to drop in and visit with "Matt" and his friends.

Oiche Mbaith Agaibh
Butch Moore