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  • Scottish Republican Songs
    • 1969 - Transatlantic XTRA 1088 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Ding Dong Dollar
    2. I Shall Not be Moved
    3. We Dinnae Want Polaris
    4. Paper Hankies
    5. The Polis of Argyll
    6. Ye'll no sit here
    7. Anti-Polaris
    8. Misguided Missile and the Misguided Miss
  • Side Two
    1. Coronation Coronach
    2. NAB for Royalty
    3. They say we've never Had it sae Guid
    4. Camp in the Country
    5. The Glesca Eskimos
    6. The Freedom Come all ye
    7. Ban Polaris — Hallelujah

  • Notes
    • This LP is re-release of Ding Dong Dollar (1962)
    • See the original album for more information.

Sleeve Notes

The United Kingdom has never really been united. Riots in Northern Ireland, the SNP in Scotland and explosions in Wales demonstrate that it is certainly not united today. The English, enjoying a somewhat privileged position in this grouping of nations raise an eyebrow and sometimes a smile when earnest Celtic patriots claim that they are being deprived of their national heritage by England. The Establishment however does not smile nor under estimate this unrest. They fight off the ever-growing tide by investing Edinburgh with dukes and Wales with princes. But the digit conscious Duke is himself but a finger in the dike. And he and his son will be swept aside by the great flood of independent republican feeling that is rising throughout the 'Untied Kingdom'. This is what the songs on this record are about. They are anti-monarchy, anti-establishment and anti-Yankee. The American Polaris submarine, berthed in Scotland acted as a focal point, representing foreign political interference in Scotland at its most impertinent. This record has some pertinent impertinents to offer in return.