Songs from King Solomon's Song of Songs

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  • Songs from King Solomon's Song of Songs
    • 1969 - CBS S63289 LP (ISR)
  • Side One
    1. My Beloved Is Fair And Pink (Emanuel Amiran, Arr. N. Heiman) — Osnat Paz, The Gevatron & The Gilboa Quintet
    2. Into The Nut Garden (Sara Levi-Tanai, Arr. Y. Houri) — The Parvarim
    3. If Thou Know Not (N. Heiman) — Jimmy and Robin (Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor)
    4. Come, My Beloved (A. Ben-Haim, Arr. S. Cohen) — The Gilboa Quintet & Osnat Paz
    5. Thou Art Fair, My Love (G. Moustaki) — Moustaki
    6. Lo, The Winter (Y. Nissimov) — The Ichud Choir
  • Side Two
    1. Blessing (N. Heiman) — Aliza Azikri
    2. As My Beloved's (E. Gabai) — Gevatron Girls
    3. Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses Of His Mouth (A. Neeman, Arr. Nachum Heiman) — Osnat Paz
    4. Thou Hast Ravished My Heart (M. Amarillo, Arr. Y. Houri) — The Parvarim
    5. Awake, O North Wind (D. Carmel, Arr. Y. Bar-On) — The Ichud Choir
    6. Flowers Appear On My Heart (The Buds Were In Israel) (D. Carmel, Arr. Y. Houri) — The Parvarim

  • The Parvarim
    • Yossef Houri: Vocals & Guitar
    • Nissim Menachem: Vocals & Guitar
  • "Jimmy and Robin"
    • Robin Hall: Vocals
    • Jimmie MacGregor: Vocals & Guitar

Sleeve Notes

The lyrics of all the songs on this recording have been taken by young Israeli composers from King Solomon's "Song of Songs". Like generations of musicians before them they have found in them inspiration and expression for their own contemporary moods and rhythms.