Anthologies   •   "Mary From Dunloe" & other Irish Folk Hits

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  • "Mary From Dunloe" & other Irish Folk Hits
    • 1968 - Outlet 7006 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Mary from Dunloe (Arr. Byrne, Lunny) — Emmet- Spiceland
    2. Love is Teasing (Gilligan) — Eugene McEldowney
    3. Shores of America (Gilligan) — Freddy Johnston
    4. Na Connaries (Arr. Furey) — Ted Furey
    5. B for Barney (Gilligan) — Eugene McEldowney
  • Side Two
    1. Wild Colonial Boy (Arr. Kane) — Oliver Kane
    2. Dicey Reilly (Gilligan) — Croppies
    3. Carrol Bawn (Gilligan) — Prionnsias McAirt-Frankie Cards
    4. Rosin Dubh (Gilligan) — Tom McHaile
    5. Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat (Arr. McBurney) — Freddy Johnston

  • Credits
    • Producers: Bill McBurney, Jimmie Smith & Bill Somerville Large
    • Studios: Lloyd International, Belfast & Eamonn Andrews, Dublin
    • (P) 1967/1968
    • Cover: Stanley Matchett

Sleeve Notes

The aims and objects of the Outlet Recording Co., is to project Irish Tradition, through music and song. In this record you have a good cross-section, such as the number by Emmet-Spiceland — "Mary from Dunloe" which topped the Irish Charts. Belfast folk singer Eugene McEldowney is featured on two numbers "Love is Teasing" and "B for Barney", also from Belfast, 16 year old Freddy Johnston sings two popular Irish songs "Shores Of America" and "Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat".

Oliver Kane from Dungannon, sings the "Wild Colonial Boy" a song most Irish Folk throughout the World know well, and the Croppies from Dublin give out with a real Dublin song "Dicey Reilly.", in true Dublin style. Belfast singer (Prionnsias McAirt-Frankie Cards) tells the story in song of "Carrol Bawn". This is a rare song of the 1798 Rebellion. The remaining titles are both instrumental's — "Rosin Dubh" played on the Tin Whistle by Tom McHaile, the All Ireland Whistling Champion at Boyle and "Na Connaries" by Traditional Fiddler Ted Furey, not only a fine musician but a real gentleman in every sense of the word.

Bill McBurney