Anthologies   •   Irish Songs Of Freedom

  • Irish Songs of Freedom
    • 1968 - Outlet 7001 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Rifles of the I.R.A. — Irish Freedom Fighters
    2. Mountains of Pomeroy — Jackie O'Brien & The Pikemen
    3. Take It Down From The Mast — Croppies Dublin Folk Group
    4. Croppy Boy — Prionnsias MacAirt-Frank Cards
    5. Battle of Ashtown Road — Irish Rebels
  • Side Two
    1. Wrap The Green Flag Round Me Boys — Kinsfolk Folk Group
    2. Foggy Dew — Jackie O'Brien & The Pikemen
    3. Up The Border is Our Cry — Irish Rebels
    4. Flag Of The Fianna — Prionnsias MacAirt-Frank Cards
    5. Kelly The Boy From Killane — Jackie O'Brien & The Pikemen

  • Credits
    • Produced by Billy McBurney
    • Engineers: Pete Lloyd, Cel Fay
    • Studio: Lloyd International, Belfast North Ireland
    • Irish Recordings © 1968

Sleeve Notes

Throughout Ireland's History — of foreign oppression — the spirit of Freedom and National Resurgent has been kept alive and handed down from generation to generation through Patriotic Ballads and Songs of Freedom. Sung by ancient Bards, wandering street Balladeers and light down to our own generation when the tradition is being continued by the numerous folk singing groups who have emerged and who flourish in the newly awakened spirit of Nationalism consciousness. This record contains the finest examples of Freedom songs in Ireland's chequered history, and are sung by folk groups and artists from as far apart as Rebel Cork to Resurgent Ulster some of whom actually participated in the struggle for Irish Freedom from foreign domination.