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  • A Sprig Of White Heather
    • 1965 - Philips 6382 074 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. I Will Go (R. McMillan) — Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor
    2. Loch Lomond (Arr. I. Sutherland) — Moira Anderson
    3. Barn Dance: Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban (A. MacNeill) — Ian Powrie and his Band
    4. Mary Shaw (Arr. J. Corrie) — James Urquhart
    5. Windy Old Weather (Arr. Hall & MacGregor) — Hall & MacGregor & the Scottish Junior Singers
    6. Wee Cooper 0' Fife (Arr. I. Sutherland) — Moira Anderson & James Urquhart
    7. Harry Lauder Medley — Anne and Laura Brand
      1. It's A Fine Thing to Sing (Lauder, Cochrane)
      2. It's Nice to Get Up In The Morning (Lauder)
      3. We Parted on The Shore (Lauder)
      4. The Wedding of Sandy McNab (Lauder)
      5. Hey Donald (Lauder, Melville)
      6. It's A Fine Thing to Sing (Lauder, Cochrane)
  • Side Two
    1. Here's to The Lads at The Fishing and Trawling (McMillan) — Hall & MacGregor with Anne & Laura Brand
    2. The Proposal (Stewart, Grant) — Moira Anderson & James Urquhart
    3. Singing Bird (Arr. Hall & MacGregor, Orch. Sutherland) — Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor
    4. Heather Bells — Ian Powrie and his Band
      1. Craigmillar Castle (Arr. Powrie)
      2. Campbelltown Kiltie Ball (MacLellan)
      3. Mrs. MacPherson Of Inverran (MacLellan)
    5. Birlinn Ghoraidh Chrobhan (D. Johnston) — Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor
    6. Rowan Tree (Arr. I. Gourlay) — Moira Anderson
    7. Gadie Rins (Arr. Hall & MacGregor, Orch. Sutherland) — Hall & MacGregor with Anne & Laura Brand

  • Musicians
    • Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor
    • Anne & Laura Brand
    • The Scottish Junior Singers
    • Moira Anderson
    • James Urquht
    • Ian Powrie and His Band

Sleeve Notes

ROBIN HALL and JIMMIE MacGREGOR have steadily built up a tremendous audience for their beautiful harmony singing through the very many radio and television programmes on which they have appeared.

Here they sing such lovely traditional ballads as 'Singing Bird' and 'Birlinn Ghoraidh Chrobhan' in their own very personal style and are joined by ANNE and LAURA BRAND, two extremely talented girls whose lovely voices blend pleasantly with their personalities, on 'Gadie Rins' and 'Here's to The Lads at the Fishing and Trawling', the latter being written by Scottish actor and wit Roddy MacMillan. Both of these songs are sung by the quartet with great spirit. ANNE and LAURA are also featured in a Harry Lauder Medley. We would ask you also to listen to lain Sutherland's stirring new arrangements of the old favourites.

MOIRA ANDERSON, whose thrilling voice has won her many admirers, sings two of Scotland's most treasured love songs 'The Rowa'n Tree' and 'Loch Lomond'. The latter is a most moving interpretation of the old air sung by Moira with great sensitivity. The mood of nostalgia and the longing for home is heightened by the almost military aspect of the arrangement.

JAMES URQUHART whose long association with the WHITE HEATHER CLUB has established him as one of Scotland's best known tenors sings two duets with MOIRA and gives a powerful solo performance of the beautiful Mary Shaw'.

IAN POWRIE and his Band are well up to their high standard on Barn Dance' and 'Heather Bells'. Here is Scottish Country Dance music played at its very best.

To complete the LP we have a charming performance by the SCOTTISH JUNIOR SINGERS their fresh young voices capturing the spirit and enthusiasm of all the artists taking part.