Anthologies   •   Folk Song Festival at Exodus

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  • Folk Song Festival at Exodus
    • 1959 - Skylark Recordings SK-1002 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. 900 Mile Walt Conley
    2. Worried Man Blues — Walt Conley
    3. Passing Through — Walt Conley
    4. John Henry — Walt Conley
    5. Dolores — George Downing
    6. Dreary Black Hills — George Downing
  • Side Two
    1. House of the Rising Sun Judy Collins
    2. Tell Old Bill — Judy Collins
    3. Two Sisters — Judy Collins
    4. Sinner Man — Harlin Trio
    5. I Know Where I'm Going — Harlin Trio
    6. Darling Cory — Harlin Trio
    7. Rosita — Dave Wood

  • Credits
    • Engineer & Editor: Hank Fox
    • Cover Design: Gordon Witherspoon
    • Photos: Dave Jarrett

Sleeve Notes

The Exodus — The Exodus Gallery has brought something new to the Denver entertainment world. Here folk music reigns as king. Here artists, poets, and writers mix with the button-down set and college folk. The people who visit the Exodus come from all walks of life, but a common bond holds them. Each enjoys the off-beat atmosphere and the music. Any patron is welcome to hang his painting, read his poem or sing his song.

It was here, on October 16, 1959, that the Exodus Folksong Festival opened. Featured were the young stars of folk music from Colorado — the ones who love to sing. The Festival gave them their chance. This album contains thirteen selections by four of the singers and a trio that appeared. We hope you enjoy their music as much as the folk fans at the Exodus.

Walt Conley — Nebraska-born Conley began singing folk music in New York ten years ago with Pete Seeger and Earl Robison. After a hitch in the Navy — where he picked up folksongs from around the world — Walt attended Colorado State College at Greeley. At school he worked his way through by singing. Following a try in drama at Denver University graduate school, he returned to music. His lusty voice and booming guitar have excited folk fans for over three years in his many appearances throughout Colorado.

Judy Collins — The soft, yet husky voice of Judy Collins introduces one of the West's youngest and most talented folk artists. Judy learned her folk music in high school where she began a serious study of its history. From her study came the three selections heard on this album.

The Harlin Trio — Three crewcut lads from the University of Colorado brighten the album with some interesting and unusual arrangements. The Harlin Trio — Brooks Hatch, guitar; Tom Merrill, guitar and banjo; and Bryan Sennett, guitar — organized at the University and have since appeared in Denver, Central City, Beverly Hills and Seattle. In this album, they demonstrate their style with a combination of hand-clapping, foot-stomping music mixed with an almost mood music approach to folk singing.

George Downing — Math teacher Downing contributes two western songs to the album. He began singing while a student at Denver University. Today, he takes time off from teaching junior high school to give an occasional concert and to perform on area radio stations.

Dave Wood — Scottish born Wood moved to Hawaii as a young boy where he learned the guitar and began singing with the islanders. After graduating with a degree in Spanish from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, Dave toured Mexico and did graduate work at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Dave's selection on this album was recorded during a Boulder concert. In addition to his work as a singer, he also accompanies Walt Conley in many appearances and aids Walt on this album.

Patrick Young