Ewan MacColl   •   Barrack Room Ballads

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  • Barrack Room Ballads
    • 1963 - Topic 10T26 LP [10"] (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Join the British Army
    2. The Ghost Army of Korea
    3. The Ballad of Wadi Maktilla
    4. The Young Trooper Cut Down in his Prime
    5. Bless em All
  • Side Two
    1. Any Complaints
    2. The Second Front Song
    3. Seven Years in the Sand
    4. Farewell to Sicily
    5. Browned off
    6. When this Ruddy War is Over

  • Musicians
    • Ewan MacColl: vocals
    • Peggy Seeger: banjo and guitar
    • Jimmie Macgregor: guitar
    • John Cole: harmonica

Barrack Rooms Ballads was reissued on "Topic" in the early 60's with a different cover.

According the Alistair Banfield:
"The first cover had the Bishops Bridge Road address on the back and is notorious for laminate lift and losing all of the info printed on the laminate on the back. This first issue was whitish with a yellow centre of a picture of a lamp (top). The second issue was a screen print of a boot with the new address on Nassington Road printed on the back. It's very difficult to date it exactly, but I'd say between 1962 and 1964 as a guess. The actual moving date was 1960 I believe and I have more than one copy with very slight differences which suggest that there was more than one run of screen printing and thus possibly more than one batch produced. What also happened was that they over ordered on vinyl sometimes and had the records without sleeves from 1958. They would then run off the number of sleeves that were required. It is therefore not an entirely exact science to date the record issue from either the record or sleeve because they might be quite different."

My thanks to Alistair Banfield, and "johnross" from the Mudcat disscusion fourm for the additional information.