Aoife Clancy: At Home
Cherish The Ladies

  • At Home
    • 1999 - RCA Victor 63377 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Limerick Lassies Set/The Bird Feeder/The Bank of Ireland/Grampa's Ceili
    2. Matt Hyland
    3. Harvest Moon/Eddy Moloney's Reel/Martin With the Long Ears the Tapas Reel
    4. The Curragh of Kildare
    5. The Harbor Jig Set/The Falcon on the Hedge/Jack's Morning Feast
    6. The Waves of Kilkee
    7. Leader of the Band
    8. Father's Day Medley: The Quilty/Larry Redican's/Drag Her 'Round the Road
    9. John of Dreams— w/Liam, Bobby, Dónal & Finbarr Clancy
    10. The Nightbird/Mystery's Dance
    11. Is Fada Liom Uaimi Uaimi (I Long for Her)
    12. Medley: Gaelic Air/B Minor Reel/The Galtee Rangers/ Sheehan's Reel

  • Cherish the Ladies
    • Aoife Clancy: Vocals
    • Mary Coogan: Banjo, Guitar & Mandolin
    • Siobhan Egan: Fiddle & Bodhrán
    • Donna Long: Piano, Synthesizer, Fiddle & Harmony Vocals
    • Joanie Madden: Flute, Whistle &, Harmony Vocals
    • Mary Rafferty: Accordion, Concertina & Whistle
  • Musicians
    • Dave Anderson: Fretless Bass
    • Phil Bowler: Bass
    • Donny Golden: Step Dancing
    • Eileen Golden: Step Dancing
    • Seamus Egan: Flute
    • Sean Harkness: Electric Guitar
    • Eileen Ivers: Fiddle
    • John Madden: Bodhrán
    • Joe Madden: Accordion
    • Bob Mayo: Organ: Hammond
    • Mike Rafferty: Flute
    • Jesse Smith: Fiddle
    • Arto Tuncboyaciyan: Drums, Percussion
  • Credits
    • Producer: Brian Keane
    • Executive Producer: Steve Gates
    • Engineer: Brian Keane, Frez-Albrecht, Sean Harkness, Tommy Skarupa
    • Mixing: Brian Keane, Paul Wickliffe,
    • Editing: Keith Chirgwin, Tommy Skarupa, Dan Rowe
    • Mastering: Marian Conaty
    • Photography: Keyvan Behpour, Katrin Thomas

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