The Cat Among The Pigeons  •  Roaring Jack  •  Discography

  • The Cat Among The Pigeons
    • 1988 - Mighty Boy MBLP 7007 LP
    • 1988 - Mighty Boy MBCD 7007 CD
    • 1990 - La Fabrica Magnetica 906FM27 LP (ESP)
  • Side One
    1. Uisge Beatha (Alistair Hulett)
    2. Love In The Modern Age (Alistair Hulett)
    3. Lights Of Sydney Town (Alistair Hulett)
    4. The Day That The Boys Came Down (Alistair Hulett)
    5. The Lass Behind The Beertaps (Words: Alistair Hulett/Tune: Trad.)
    6. Go, Leave (Steph Miller)
    7. Destitution Road (Alistair Hulett)
  • Side Two
    1. The Swaggies Have All Walzed Matilda Away (Alistair Hulett)
    2. Moving On (Steph Miller)
    3. Playing For The Traffic (Alistair Hulett)
    4. The Thin Red Line (Alistair Hulett)
    5. The Cat Among The Pigeons
      1. The Cat Among The Pigeon (Words: Hulett/Music: Roaring Jack)
      2. Tunes Breton March (Trad. (French)
      3. Sean O'Donnell's Jig (Dave Pegg)
      4. Cuckoo: Nest (Trad. Appalachian)
      5. Mary Mac (Trad. Scots)
    6. Lads Of The B.L.F. (Alistair Hulett)
  • Bonus Tracks:
    1. Yuppietown (Alistair Hulett)
    2. The Old Divide and Rule (Alistair Hulett)
    3. Shell Shocked Crowd (Steph Miller)
    4. Honky Tonks in Heaven (Alistair Hulett & Hunter Owens)

  • Roaring Jack
    • Alistair Hulett: Guitar, Vocals
    • Rab Mannell: Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Bouzouki And Cittern
    • Steph Miller: Accordian, Vocals, Whistle, Mandolin, Zither, Dulcimer, Slide Guitar
    • Davey Williams: Bass, Banjo, Fiddle
    • Steve Thompson: Drums, Bodhrán, Lagerphone
  • Musicians
    • Philip Frietag: Fiddle (Track: 15)
    • Chris Cook: Banjo (Track: 17)
  • Credits
    • Produced by Tony Espie and Roaring Jack
    • Recorded and Mixed by Tony Espie
    • Mastered by Leon Zervos, Studio 301, Sydney, Australia, June 1988
    • Painting: 'Historical Tropes' by Richard Dunn
    • Photograph: Steve Oxenbury
    • Design and Artwork: John Livings
    • All Songs Written and Arranged by Roaring Jack
    • Thanks to Andrew Gordon, Jacqui Espie, Glen Phirnister and Chase Music for all their help.
    • Steve Thompson has left Roaring Jack since this album was Recorded.
    • All in Roaring Jack wish him well and welcome Rod Gilchrist into their ranks.
  • Notes
    • Tracks: 14-17 only appear on the CD release.