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  • Cardiff After Dark
    • 1999 - HFG 01 CD
  • Track List
    1. What Goes on In Cardiff After Dark (J. Sully)
    2. Grangetown Whale (P. Meazy, F. Hennessy)
    3. Billy The Seal (P. Meazy, F. Hennessy)
    4. The Good Old Days (F. Hennessy)
    5. Citizen of Cardiff (Gareth Jones)
    6. Tiger Bay (F. Hennessy)
    7. Pop Alley Bottles (F. Hennessy)
    8. Cardiff Born (F. Hennessy)
    9. Baseball Song (F. Hennessy)
    10. Yachting on The Welfare State (G. Mayer)
    11. Grangetown Gondolier (F. Hennessy)
    12. Skipper of The Canton Junk (F. Hennessy)
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  • The Hennessys
    • Frank Hennessy: Guitar & Vocals
    • David Burns: Mandolin & Vocals
    • Thomas Edwards: Bass & Vocals (Except Track: 12)
    • Iolo Jones: Fiddle (Tracks: 11 & 12)
  • Credits
    • Recorded originally at Chapter Arts Centre, and St Peters RFC by Dave Shell and mixed at Music Factory. (Tracks: 1-10)
    • Recorded at Music Factory and Famous Recording Studios. (Track: 11)
    • Recorded at Famous Recording Studios. (Track: 12)
    • Mastered by Country Masters.
    • Cover Photograph by Ian Lawrence
    • Cover Layout by Alun Owen
  • Notes
    • This CD is a (remixed and re-mastered) re-release of the same titled 1984 LP.
    • 2 tracks are omitted from the original LP release.
    • Tracks 11 & 12 are added to the CD re-release.
    • In addition, Pete Marshall on Keyboards is omitted on the CD credits.

Sleeve Notes

The Hennessys Folk Group has a cult following in Wales and have represented their country at countless festivals throughout Europe and the USA.

Founder members Dave Burns and Frank Hennessy have been musical partners since the late 1960s.

The current line up includes Iolo Jones on fiddle with occasional guest appearances by Tom Edwards on Double Bass.

The Hennessys wish to thank the following:
S.A. Brain & Co. Ltd for inspiring the cover design (and several of our songs) Nigel, David and Phil at Flocon Valves for their support and encouragement; and all our families and friends.

The Hennessys Crafter guitars & mandolins are supplied by M. Hohner Ltd. Bedwas.

Cardiff after Dark — The Millennium edition. This rare distillation of Cardiff Culture has been maturing gently for the last fifteen years When this recording first came out it caused much merriment and fun. Due to pressure from our fans we have decided to remix and remaster the album and to add a couple of tracks which were not included in the original.

As you will see from the reproduced sleeve notes, not much has changed Cardiff is if anything even more beautiful and the city has grown in stature throughout the world.

As for us Cardiftians. Well, we still enjoy having a "Do" whenever and wherever so, let the party start here. What makes Cardiff different from any other city?

Well, for a start it's a capital city, it has one of the most beautiful civic centres in Europe, at it's heart is a magnificent castle and in its very centre is the World's most famous Rugby ground, Cardiff Arms Park.

But what makes a city really special is it's people, their humour, resilience and optimism. Cardiff has one of the most varied and integrated populations in these Islands and perhaps it is these factors which have produced our unique language.

No, we are not talking about the ancient Cymraeg, although you are likely to hear Welsh widely spoken.

We're talking about the Kaairdiff Langwidge innit?

We've been described as the "Bristol Channel Yanks", and there is even a theory that the Australian accent originated in Old South Wales, before being taken over to New South Wales.

In vain attempts to imitate the hard flat Kaairdiff "A", or the squeezed, strangulated "E" sounds, foreigners have had their teeth wired together, stuck coathangers in their mouths and clipped clothes pegs onto their noses. All to no avail!

There is no substitute for the real thing, hence this recording.
If you want to listen to it in it's true surroundings, get yourself a flagon of "Dark", a Clarksey (Clarks Pie), and a tanners worth of chips in an Echo.

Relax and enjoy.