High Hills And Valleys
1980 - Pläne 88 206 LP


Side One
Your Daughters And Your Sons (Tommy Sands)
The Queen's Song (Colum Sands)
Madam I'm A Darlin'
The Election Song (Colum Sands)
Follower (Ben Sands)
The Cat's In The Cradle (Harry Chapin)
A Man Named Armstrong (John Stewart)

Side Two
I'm Going Back On The Bicycle (Tommy Sands)
Stay Where You Are!/Johny McIljohn [1]
The Banks Of The Bann
The Man From Kinsale
Blame The World (Colum Sands)
Sliabh Gallion Braes


Tom Sands: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Anne Sands: Vocals, Bodhrán
Ben Sands: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Whistle
Colum Sands: Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Concertina, Bass
Arrangements: Sands Family

Recorded November 1979, Pläne Studio, Dortmund, Germany
Producer: Andreas Keffel

Alternate releases

The Sands Family: 1981 - Amiga 8 45 206 LP

… Balladeers notes

High Hills And Valleys was re-issued in 1981 as The Sands Family, on a different record label, and with an alternate cover.

1 this track only appears on the original Pläne release—it is replaced by "The Winds Are Singing Freedom" on the Amiga re-release.