Matt McGinn: The Best of Matt McGinn


  • The Best of Matt McGinn
    • 1999 - CMAR699 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Dundee Ghost [3]
    2. The Footba' Referee [1]
    3. Gallowgate Calypso [1]
    4. Honesty Is Out of the Fashion [3]
    5. Little Ticks of Time [6]
    6. Coorie Doon [3]
    7. The Ballad of John McLean [2]
    8. Willie MacNamara [1]
    9. Rosy Anna [2]
    10. The Boys from Lisbon [4]
    11. The Red Yo Yo [1]
    12. The Ballad of the Q4 [3]
    13. On the Road to Aldomaster [2]
    14. Rob Roy MacGregor [2]
    15. Lots of Little Soldiers [1]
    16. The Pill [3]
    17. Bingo Bella [6]
    18. I'm Looking For A Job [2]
    19. Big Sammy [1]
    20. The Rolling Hills of the Border [2]
    21. Morning Elanora [6]
    22. The Heilan' Man [1]
    23. Three Nights and A Sunday [2]
    24. I Have Seen the Highlands [5]
    25. Eternity Will Soon Be Over [6]


"With The Best of Matt McGinn my cousin Alex got us (me, Anna, Eleanor, Matt and my Mum) all organized and we all gave him our top 25 or 26 songs from all the ones that were on the Castle Music LPs. He then saw what we had all voted for and came up with the final list of what tracks were to be included. Interestingly, there was quite a variety in what we all voted for, so there were a lot of songs that we like but which weren't included.  In the end we only included ones that my Dad had written. On the sleeve notes it says that all songs were written by my Dad except 2, which is a mistake because they were all his."

Shonagh McGinn