Matt McGinn

Matt McGinn: Screwtops Are Falling On My Head


  • Screwtops Are Falling On My Head
    • 1975 - PYE PKL 5527 LP
  • Side One
    1. Intro by Matt McGinn Junior
    2. Granda
    3. The Cradle of Civilisation — including:
      1. Cider Wi' Yer Maw
      2. Ma Darlin' Is a Charlie
      3. My Dearest My Darling (Davidson)
    4. My Wee Auntie Sarah
    5. Crofter Story
    6. Suzie
  • Side Two
    1. Screwtops — including Leaving In a Police Van (Davidson)
    2. and Amazing Grace
    3. Gaelic Joke
    4. Heiderum Hauderum
    5. Maggie Might
    6. Glaswegians Would (Matt McGinn, Jr.)
    7. Two Wee Germs
    8. Somebody's Wean
    9. The Schmitt Family
    10. Nelly May (J Herd)

  • Musicians
    • Jim Dorans: Banjo, Mandolin & Fiddle
    • Billy Davidson: Guitar
    • Alex Hutton: M&olin, Fiddle & Banjo
    • Shug O'Rourke: Bouzuki, Flute & Piccolo
    • Alex Osborne: Guitar
  • Credits
    • Producer: Peter Kerr
    • Recorded February 1975
    • Front Photograph by Frazer Ballantyne
    • Sketch by Hugh Miller of Scottish Daily News
    • All tracks written by Matt McGinn (unless otherwise noted)
  • Thanks to:
    • The Audience for Turning up
    • Mr. & Mrs. Grenfall for Hospitality
    • Stuart Jeffries for Engineering
    • Pete Kerr for Organisation, Material and Co-ordination
    • Beef Taggert for Cheek
    • Bryce Laing for Earplugs (imported)
    • Henry Spurway for Two Large Gins and Tonic for The Producer
    • Mrs. Thatcher for The Pies (Where's Cookin' Fat?) Glasgow Royal
    • Infirmary for The Stomach Pump
    • H. M. Government for The Toilet Rolls
  • Notes:
    • Screwtops Are Falling On My Head was Matt McGinn's final album, and the only not re-released in (any form).

Sleeve Notes

Gales of laughter greeted every line of patter and song in the making of this album live at The Bonnie Prince Charlie in East Kilbride. That was the purpose of the exercise.

Now that hilarity is being passed on to the hundreds of thousands of fans and relations of Matt McGinn throughout the Scottish-speaking world.

McGinn, the most original and funniest of Scotland's comedian/songwriters, has become a household name since he took up singing (and roaring and bawling) some fourteen years ago. Since then, the sound of this human with the crow's voice has been marvelled at through clubs, concert halls, radio, films, the goggle box and the Medical Journal.

Matt McGinn … two little words synonymous with the big belly laugh and the chuckle, the earthy and the innocent in fun.

Dinah Campbell Dimaio
(Spinster of the Parish of Ballupha')