Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor

Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor: A Rovin'

  • A Rovin'
    • 1962 - Decca Ace of Clubs ACL 1100 LP
    • 1973 - Decca Eclipse ECS 2126 LP
  • Side One
    1. Dig My Grave
    2. Villancico
    3. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
    4. My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
    5. Asikatali
    6. A Bold Young Farmer
    7. When I First Came To This Land
  • Side Two
    1. Johnny, I Hardly Knew You
    2. Lamidbar (Argov)
    3. Up Among the Heather
    4. Ksekina Mia Psarapoula
    5. A Bucketful of Mountain Dew
    6. The Overgate
    7. Lowlands
    8. Time For Man Go Home

  • Musicians
    • Robin Hall: vocals, guitar
    • Jimmie MacGregor: vocals, guitar, mandolin
    • Shirley Bland: vocals
    • Leon Rosselson: vocals, guitar, banjo
    • John Jobson: bass
  • Credits
    • Recorded on September 5 & 6, and October 12 & 13, 1961

Sleeve Notes (Excerpts)

Robin and Jimmie are certainly among the most itinerant of itinerant folk singers, having travelled extensively, not only in their native Scotland, and all over Britain, but in many other countries all over the world. On this record they present a selection of songs from Ireland to Israel, a Trinidadian song learned in Belfast, and a Greek song learned in a restaurant in London, W.1. Guitars were played by Jimmie MacGregor and Leon Rosselson and the bass was played by John Jobson.