Hamish Imlach: Keep Taking the Medicine


  • Keep Taking the Medicine
    • 1993 - Cameron CW005 VHS
  • Track List:
    1. I Can Play Anything
    2. Ramensky
    3. Parcel of Rogues
    4. Smoker's Song
    5. Black is the Colour
    6. Solid Gone
    7. The 37 Bus
    8. The Coppers Song
    9. Telling Jokes
    10. Castlereagh
    11. Sporting Life Blues
    12. Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice
    13. Sonny's Dream

  • Musicians
    • Hamish Imlach: Vocals, Guitar
    • Muriel Graves: Harmony Vocals (Tracks: 6, 13)
  • Credits
    • Producer/Director: Tom Busby
    • Recorded Live at Glasgow Society of Musicians
    • Photograph: Reinholt Unterberger
    • Facililies: Cameron Communications Ltd
    • Added Material: T Houston
    • Running Time: Approx, 60 Mins
    • © Copyright Hamish Imlach

Sleeve Notes


HAMISH IMLACH — Folk Entertainer
Presenting the colorful, rumbustious figure of HAMISH IMLACH, a singer; entertainer and skilled raconteur whose knowledge of the Scottish music scene spans 30 years. He's played — and probably boozed — with them all.

"Hamish the indestructible"
" … today he is still as commanding, still as outrageous and vulgar and enjoyable and still in demand … at home, meanwhile, he could argue a strong case that he is the top performer in his area of folk and Cod forbid that he should ever go respectable!" Glasgow Herald

  • Source
    • My thanks to Erich Nestler for providing all of the above information.