Gaberlunzie: Brave Words 'N' Fightin' Talk
1969 - Golden Guinea GGL 0435 LP

  • Side One
    1. Killiecrankie (Burns)
    2. Yody Ody Oh
    3. Yaller Girls
    4. The Alamo (Jane Bowers)
    5. Hey Ca' Through (Burns)
    6. Gorbals Clearances (Menzies)
    7. Culloden (Menzies)
    8. Glencoe (Menzies)
    9. Fiery Cross (Menzies)
    10. Tartan Plaidie (Menzies)
  • Side Two
    1. Burleigh Sands (Menzies)
    2. Ploughboy Laddies
    3. Whiskey In The Jar
    4. Deerstalker Hat
    5. Gallowa' Hills
    6. The Blina
    7. Mhairi (Menzies)
    8. Otterburn
    9. Tae The Beggin'
    10. Here's To Good Old Whisky

  • Gaberlunzie
    • Jimmy MacDonald: vocals, guitar, banjo [1]
    • Robin Watson: vocals, 12 string guitar
    • Gordon Menzies: vocals, guitar, mandoline
  • Credits
    • Produced by Cyril Stapleton
    • All tracks "traditional, unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

Gaberlunzie is a Scottish word which means a beggar or pedlar and what magnificent song pedlars Gaberlunzie are. I called this album Brave Words 'N' Fightin' Talk because after the first five minutes of the recording session I was so shaken by the threatening rattle of dirks and sporrans I wanted to fly back to my side of the border, miserable cowardly Sassenach that I am. Seriously, Messrs Menzies, Watson and MacDonald have done a wonderful job on this recording of Scottish Folk Songs and original songs written by Gordon Menzies.


1 According to Gordon Menzies — "Jimmy MacDonald was instrumental in bringing Robin and me together and forming the group. He was with us for a year and left to buy a pub in Ayr. Later went on to acting and DJ in local Radio Westsound. He still lives in Ayr."

  • Alternate releases
    • Brave Words 'N' Fightin' Talk: 2000 - Kelvin Records KELVIN2000 CD