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Formed by members of the Glasgow Police in the late 1960's, Gaberlunzie, Gordon Menzies and Robin Watson, are among Scotland's best Folk singers, albeit somewhat unknown in certain circles. As with many of the different groups and singers I've run across, it was quite by accident that I discovered Gaberlunzie in the early 1980's; and since that time they've become among my very favorites.

Gordon Menzies, in my view, is one of the best singers and songwriters around. Most Gaberlunzie albums include several Gordon Menzies originals. Gordon's compositions cover a wide range of subjects, with Scotland being the common thread.

Robin Watson's contributions include the instrumental backbone, as well as producing most of their albums.  Robin, too, is a very fine singer; his versions of "The Broom O' The Cowdenkowes" or "Jamie Foyers"  are the best I've heard.

Gaberlunzie has around 20 albums to their credit, and many of them are available on CD through their website and at many others sites specializing in Irish and Scottish music.

… also visit Gaberlunzie's official site.