Corrie Folk Trio: Discography Notes

Between 1963-1965 the Corrie Folk Trio released 4 LPs and a handful of EPs and singles. To say this is discogarphy is complicated is something of an understatement. It is my hope that this reference page will make things a little less confusing.

Many songs appear on multiple CFT & PB releases, and in some cases these songs were re-recorded and/or re-arranged — for the American "Elektra "releases. According to Bill Smith of The Corrie Folk Trio, "The Electra recordings were re arranged to repair the damage of earlier poor recordings by Waverly records. The three Folk Songs for the Burds were unbelievably bad!! An embarrassment all round. They simply had to be redone. Very few of the original tracks were deemed to be satisfactory for the American market. PS there ARE two different versions of some tracks on the "Burds" EP's. For the reasons given above."

Below is an alphabetical listings of the the songs recorded by the Corrie Folk Trio and Paddie Bell and the releases on which they appear.

  • Bothwell Castle
  • Fine Girl
    • CFT & PB - ELP 129 EP (6 track version only)
  • Jock o' Braidislee
  • Lord Gregory
  • MacPherson's Rant or MacPherson's Farewell

Special thanks to Bill Smith, Paul Franklin and Tom Beveridge for their contributions to this Corrie Folk Trio discography.