Corrie Folk Trio: In Retrospect


  • In Retrospect
    • 1970 - EMI Talisman STAL 5005 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Greenland Fisheries [1]
    2. Uist Tramping Song [2]
    3. Lord Gregory [1]
    4. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet [2]
    5. The Cherry Tree Carol [4]
    6. Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie [1]
  • Side Two
    1. Johnny Lad [2]
    2. Fear A Bhata [2]
    3. Killiecrankie [2]
    4. Christ Was Born In Bethlehem [4]
    5. The Singing Games [1]
    6. Blow Ye Winds Of Morning [3]

  • The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell
    • Bill Smith
    • Roy Williamson
    • Ronnie Browne
    • Paddie Bell

Sleeve Notes

Looking back over the years, one has to agree that The Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell made the greatest impact of all Scottish Folk Groups on the folk scene, both in Scotland and South of the Border. Hardly a week passed without them appearing on some TV show, and on any occasion when they booked the vast Usher Hall in Edinburgh for one of their many concerts, it was filled to capacity. Out of the many titles which they recorded, twelve have been chosen for this album, all favourites with their many fans.