Alistair Hulett

Alistair Hulett: Red Clydeside


  • Red Clydeside
    • 2002 - Red Rattler RATCD005 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Red Clydesiders
    2. The Lassies Of Neilston
    3. Mrs Barbour's Army
    4. Don't Sign Up For War
    5. The Granite Cage
    6. When Johnny Came Hame Tae Glesga
    7. Around George Square
    8. John MacLean and Agnes Wood
    9. The Ghosts Of Red Clyde

  • Musicians
    • Alistair Hulett: Vocals, Guitar
    • Dave Swarbrick: Fiddle, Viola, Baritone Violin
    • Kevin Dempsey: Second Guitar (track #5)
  • Credits
    • Engineered by Dave Swarbrick
    • Assistant Engineer: Kevin Dempsey
    • Mixed by Dave Swarbrick and Kevin Dempsey at Atrax Studio, Coventry, February 2002


For their third studio collaboration, Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick focus on a workers' revolt in the city of Glasgow that rocked the government of the day. Red Clydeside broke out in response to the Declaration Of War in 1914. Its leader, John Maclean, was twice sentenced to penal servitude and twice released early due to enormous public protest. Eventually the rulers of Britain sent troops and tanks into Glasgow in January 1919 to prevent a full blown revolution they feared could engulf the entire country.

The disc carries a full lyric file to print out, complete with a Scots language glossary, and a folder of archival images to accompany each song. These photographs have been digitally enhanced for clarity and include Maclean's prison portrait from 1916 and a photograph from his second trial in 1918.

Source: TheSwarbStore