Alistair Hulett

Alistair Hulett: In Sleepy Scotland


  • In Sleepy Scotland
    • 2000 - Red Rattler RATCD004 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Waterman's Hornpipe
    2. Geordie
    3. Tam Lin
    4. In Sleepy Scotland
    5. The Overgate
    6. Tinker In The Lum
    7. The Weaver And The Factory Maid
    8. Brown Adam
    9. By Ibrox Park
    10. The Dark Loch
    11. Battle Of Waterloo/John D. Burgess

  • Musicians
    • Alistair Hulett: Vocal & Guitar
    • Gavin Livingstone: Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Guitar, Mandolin & Cittern
    • Aidan O'rourke: Fiddle
    • Keith Easdale: Lowland Smallpipes


English Trades Unionists in the 19th century gave our country the epithet "sleepy Scotland" because of their belief that we were unlikely to do anything very much to advance the cause of socialism — then came John Maclean and the other Red Clydesiders to prove them wrong.

Alistair Hulett has a very clear set of ideals which he articulates clearly and passionately in his own writings, always singing with total conviction, and the title track of this latest CD is a fine example of the word-pictures that Alistair draws to get you thinking about issues…

The whole collection of ten songs and two instrumental tracks blend together to give a good idea of what the man sounds like in the flesh. If you have heard him live, you'll want to buy this, if you buy this, you'll want to hear him. Top marks, too, for well-crafted accompaniment from Gavin Livingstone, Aidan O'Rourke and Keith Easdale…

(extract from review in issue 43 of The Living Tradition)