Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell: In Copenhagen

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  • In Copenhagen
    • 1965 - Polydor 623 035 LP
    • 1965 - Storyville SLP 600 LP
    • 2003 - Storyville 5704 CD
  • Side One
    1. Colours (Donovan)
    2. Rambling Boy (Paxton)
    3. The Oggie Man (Tawney)
    4. 1913 Massacre (Guthrie)
    5. Been On The Road (Campbell)
  • Side Two
    1. Verdant Braes O'Skreen (McPeakes)
    2. John Riley (Trad., Arr. Campbell)
    3. Lang A' Growing (Trad., Arr. Campbell)
    4. Whistling Rufus/Double Eagle (Instrumental, Arr. Campbell)
    5. Roll Down The Line (Trad., Arr. Campbell)
    6. Leaving Of Liverpool (Trad., Arr. Campbell)

  • Musicians
    • Alex Campbell: guitar, banjo and harmonica
    • Cy Nicklin: guitar
    • Maia Aarskov: flute and accordion
  • Credits
    • Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark August 16, 1965.


Recorded in Copenhagen, August 16th, 1965. This CD contains 11 tracks, including Donovan's classic Colours, and John Riley — a song popularised by Joan Baez. When Alex Campbell fetched up in Denmark in 1965, he had a international reputation and a string of recording credits to his name. Entertainment was Campbell's forte and what he did best in his life. Alex Campbell In Copenhagen was a milestone event in one man's love affair with Denmark.