Ryan's Fancy: Denis Ryan

Newport Town
2002 - Five Line Music [?] CD
with Denis Carey


Track List:
Newport Town (Michael Burke)
For Now I'm Sixty Four
The Halifax Hornpipe (Denis Carey)
Where the Mulcair River Flows (James Ryan)
Cape Breton Sunrise (Denis Carey)
Liverpool Lou
Tiree Love Song
Polkadots (Denis Carey)
Sweet Forget Me Not
Northwest Arm (Denis Carey)
Eyes of Green (Allister MacGillivary)
An Turas (Denis Carey)
Mist Covered Mountains of Home
Jigs - A live session - No. 1 (Denis Carey)
Love is Teasing
Newport Town - Unplugged (Michael Burke)


Denis Ryan
Denis Carey

Sleeve Notes

Denis Ryan and Denis Carey are first cousins from Newport, Co. Tipperary. Denis Carey is a musician, composer and arranger and resides in Newport. Denis Ryan was founder and leader of 'Ryan's Fancy', the popular TV and recording group of the 70's. The song 'Newport Town' is synonymous with Ryan's Fancy. Denis Ryan now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This recording features some of their best loved songs and tunes. Enjoy…

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