Haddock: Still Alive

  • Still Alive
    • 1986 - HD 0305 LP (NLD)
  • Side One
    1. Don't Pay The Ferryman (Chris De Burgh)
    2. Carrickfergus (Trad.)
    3. Step It Out Mary (Sean Mc Carthy)
    4. Farewell Tae The Whiskey (Trad.)
    5. The Lonesome Boatman (Finbar Furey)
    6. The Old Triangle (Brendan Behan, Arr. The Dubliners)
  • Side Two
    1. The Death Of Stephen Biko (Tom Paxton)
    2. The Mero (Pete St. John)
    3. The Girl With April In Her Eyes (Chris De Burgh)
    4. Steamboat Row (Bill Leader)
    5. The Cocky (Eric Bogle, Arr. Ronnie Drew)
    6. The Reason I Left Mullingar (P. Cooksey)
    7. The Court Of The King Caractacus (Trad.)

  • Musicians
    • Jeroen Stam: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
    • Theo Bos: Guitar, Vocals
    • Peter Janssen: Mandolin, Accordion, Vocals
    • Marleen Plooy: Violin, Vocals
    • André Uitgeest: Vocals, Guitar
    • Ronnie Drew: Guitar, Vocals (Track: 11)
  • Credits
    • Recorded "Live" at the Concertgebouw Haarlem, April 12, 1986
    • Recordings made by Janssen's Mobile Studio, America (I)
    • Mixed at the Markant Studio, Heeze
    • Mixed by Mark Derksen, Harry Janssen Louis Van Herpen, Jos Molenaar And Haddock
    • Photographs: Peter Schoonen
    • Cover Design: Matthijs Stam
    • Organisation: M-Sound, Beverwijk
    • All Arrangements by Haddock Except, unless otherwise noted