Gilles Servat  •  Comme je voudrai !

  • Comme je voudrai !
    • 2000 - Columbia COL 497962 2 CD
  • Track List
    1. Comme Je Voudrai ! (Gilles Servat/Nicolas Quémener)
    2. Où Nous Entraine... (Gilles Servat)
    3. Er Soudarded Zo Guisket e Ru (Traditionnel/Nicolas Quémener)
    4. To Scots Friends (Gilles Servat)
    5. Erika, Erika (Gilles Servat)
    6. Au Bord Du Lac Ponchartrain (Traditionnel/Gilles Servat)
    7. On Raglan Road (Patrick Kavanagh/Traditionnel)
    8. Ar Plac'h A Garan Me (Gilles Servat)
    9. Sur La Terre Enterrée La Routeā€¦ (Gilles Servat)
    10. Tregont Vlé Zo (Gilles Servat)
    11. Blanche Et Bleue (Gilles Servat)
    12. Marv eo ma mestrez (Traditionnel)

  • Musicians
    • Gille Servat: Lead Vocals
    • Eoghan O'Neil: Bass
    • Ray Fean: Drums
    • Rod Mc Vey: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond Organ, Chromatic Accordion
    • Anto Drennan: Electric Guitar
    • Máirtín O'Connor: Diatonique Accordion
    • Nollaig Ni Chathaseigh: Fiddle
    • Des Moore: Acoustic Guitar
    • Nicolas Quémener: Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Vocals
    • Ronan Le Bars,: Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle
    • Stéphane Sotin: Percussion
    • Kieran Hanrahan: Banjo, Mandolin
    • André Le Meut: Bombard, Lombard, Biniou Koz
    • Jean-Michel Mahevas: Scottish Bagpipes
    • Christophe Mahevas: Bombard
    • Irish Film Orchestra conducted by Rod McVey, first violin , Alan Smale
  • Credits
    • Recorded and Mixed at Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin
    • Arrangements: Eoghan O'Neil, Brian Masterson, Nicolas Quémener, Rod Mc Vey, Ray Fean