Gilles Servat

Sur les Quais de Dublin

  • Sur les Quais de Dublin
    • 1996 — Sony SAN 484151.2 CD
  • Vieille ville de merde (Dirty Old Town)
    • 1996 - Sony SAMPC 3349 CD
      • Gilles Servat & Ronnie Drew — One track promotional CD
  • Coffret 3 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Vieille ville de merde (Dirty Old Town) (Ewan MacColl, adaptation: Gilles Servat) — featuring Ronnie Drew
    2. Il est des êtres beaux (Gilles Servat)
    3. Yezhoù bihan (Gilles Servat) — featuring Rita Connoly
    4. A White Horse (Gilles Servat)
    5. Men du (Per Jakez Helias/Gilles Servat)
    6. Sur les quais de Dublin (Gilles Servat/Donal Lunny)
    7. Chantez la vie, l'amour et la mort3 (Gilles Servat)
    8. The Foggy Dew (Traditionnel/dernier couplet: Gilles Servat) — featuring Ronnie Drew
    9. Ar brezoneg eo ma bro (Per Jakez Helias/Gilles Servat)
    10. When Last I Saw You (Gilles Servat) — featuring Andy Irvine
    11. Carrickfergus (Traditionnel)
    12. Les Derniers Rayons (Gilles Servat/Donal Lunny)

  • Credits
    • Gilles Servat: Vocals
    • Ronnie Drew: Vocals
    • Rita Connolly: Vocals
    • Andy Irvine: Vocals
    • Dónal Lunny: Bouzouki , Guitar, Bodhrán , Keyboards
    • Noel Bridgeman: Percussion
    • Ray Fean: Drums
    • David Hayes: Keyboards
    • Ronan Le Bars: Uilleann Pipes
    • Eoghan O'Neil: Bass
    • Didier Squiban: Piano
    • Dan Ar Braz: Guitar
    • Nollaig Casey: Violin
    • Jacques Pellen: Guitar
    • Paul Mc Grattan: Flute, Tin Whistle
    • Sharon Shannon: Accordion
    • Bagad Lokoal-Mendon (Breton Pipe Band)
    • Malachy Robinson: Double Bass
    • Marijo Pergal: Chorus
    • Martine Beck: Chorus
  • Credits
    • Producer: Dónal Lunny
    • Recorded and mixed at Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin by Brian Masterson and Conan Doyle
    • Bagad Lokoal-Mendon recorded at the Plateau of the 4 Winds, Lorient by Brian Masterson
    • Arrangements: Dónal Lunny, Gilles Servat, Eoghan O'Neill, David Hayes, Ray Fean