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Mick Moloney

Mick Moloney: An Irish Christmas (Live from Irish Arts Center)

  • An Irish Christmas (Live from Irish Arts Center)
    • 2011 - CD BABY 7863327 CD
  • Track List:
    1. The Holly and the Ivy — Mick Moloney: Vocals
    2. Christmas Day — Rhys Jones: Vocals
    3. Trip to Athlone/Castletown Connors/Father Kelly's/Man of the House — Jigs
    4. The Bushes of Jerusalem — Mick Moloney: Vocals
    5. Christmas in the Trenches — Liz Hanley: Vocals
    6. O D'wata Holi Kemudnung/Pangulawit — Grace Nono: Vocals
    7. Port na bPúcaí/The Piper on Horseback/Lady on the Island/The Foxhunter's Reel — Air & Reels
    8. The Buskers — Mick Moloney: Vocals
    9. The Rebel Jesus — Louise Sullivan: Vocals
    10. Celebration — Mick Moloney: Poem
    11. Breaking up Christmas — Rhys Jones: Vocals
    12. Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake — Mick Moloney: Vocals
    13. The Cherry Tree Carol — Liz Hanley: Vocals
    14. The Wren Song — Mick Moloney: Vocals
    15. The Girl Who Broke My Heart/My Love is in America/Christmas Eve — Reels


An Irish musical celebration of Christmas and other midwinter traditions, featuring some of America’s top Irish and world musicians led by Mick Moloney, Athena Tergis, old time Appalachian fiddler Rhys Jones, and Filipino vocalist Grace Nono.

Recorded live from the Irish Arts Center in New York City over a two-week sold out run in December 2010. A warm and celebratory mix of songs, tunes, and sing-alongs, across a range of traditional, contemporary and world music styles.