North America

Barley Bree

Barley Bree: Anthem for the Children


  • Anthem for the Children
    • 1992 - Shanachie 52020
  • Track List:
    1. Wild Colonial Boy
    2. Anthem for the Children (Tom Sweeney)
    3. Tunes
    4. Ballyronan Maid
    5. Brendan's Fair Isle (Jimmy Driftwood)
    6. Marino Waltz
    7. Soldier's Joy (Jimmy Driftwood)
    8. Flight Of Earls (Liam Reilly)
    9. Smile in Your Sleep (Jim McLean)
    10. Tunes
    11. Bound For Australia
    12. Brighidin Ban Mo Store (Edward Walsh)
    13. Tunes

  • Notes
    • This original recording is not in my collection.
    • However, I do have a copy of the music, given to me by a friend.
    • I don't have any further information at the moment — credits, album notes, etc.