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It is my hope that these "…more Irish Folk" pages will continue to be updated. Currently these pages are represented by recordings in my collection and performers who have contacted me. Please inform me ("oxbownick1" AT "theballadeers" DOT "com") if have any information, pictures, web links, etc. of any Irish Folk singers, duos and groups (past or present) you'd like added to these pages. Special thanks and credit will be added as info is received.


Aengus: 1978 - Tara 2001 LP


…was formed in the late sixties featuring Dinny McLaughlin (fiddle), Bernard Heaney (guitar and vocals), Pat McCabe (accordion) and Brian McRory (banjo), although the band has featured many great musicians along the way, including Curly Coyle, Nicky Bryson and Seamus McLaughlin. In its heyday the band toured extensively in Europe, Ireland, Britain and America and appeared on many television shows including the Late Late Show and The Embankment. They released two recordings, "Aileach"and "Ard Rí" and had a big hit with Phil Coulters song ‘Lullaby’. During the last few years they have performed regularly, delighting audiences and re-kindling fond memories among old friends.

…source Ar Ais Arís Buncrana Traditional Arts Festival Website

Aileach: 1975 - EMI Leaf 7009 LP

Ard Rí: 1977 - EMI Leaf 7014 LP

Bakerloo Junction

Bakerloo Junction is a Northern Ireland Folk Group, formed in 1974 to perform on the local cabaret circuit and not the usual pub scene. Founding members were Noel McMaster and Michael Keery. The current duo is McMaster and Andrew Rowan.

source: Bakerloo Junction's website.

Next Stop Bakerloo Junction: 1976 - Emerald GES 1156 - LP

Emigrant's Return: 1978 - Emerald GES 1187 LP

My Lagan Softly Flowing: 1982 - Emerald GES 1219 LP

Irish Songs and Ballads: 198(?) - Emerald GES 1231 LP

Flanders Fields: 1991 (cassette)

Flanders Fields (CD release)

Brendan Behan

"My father first saw me from his cell window, during the civil war. I was born after he was captured and when I was six weeks old my mother brought me up to the jail and held me up, on the road outside for him to see, from the cell window."

source: Sleeve Notes from …Sings Irish Folksongs and Ballads

…on Joyce: 1962 - Folkways FL 9826 LP

Sings Irish Folk Songs & Ballads: 2008 - Arran Records/The Orchard
Digital release

The Blacksmiths

Merrily Kissed the Quaker: 1972 - ILSE 3010 ARAN LP


Against The Wind: 1981 - SPIN SP 102 LP

The Blarney Brothers

Under the Influence: 1980 - BB 4 LP

Anne Byrne

The Rafters Ring at the Abbey Tavern: 1965 - Pye NPL-18127 LP
featuring Jesse (Owens) and Anne (Byrne)

Jesse Owens and Anne Byrne: 1966 - Waverley ZLP 2076 LP

Ireland's Jesse Owens and Anne Byrne Sing Favorite Folk Ballads
1967 - Capitol T 10469 LP
(re-release of above - Waverley ZLP 2076 LP)

I Choose the Green: 1967 - Waverley SZLP 2097 LP
Anne Byrne with Paddy Roche & Mick Crotty

I Choose the Green: 1967 - Capitol SP 10543 LP
(re-release of above)

Live at the Embankment: 1967 - Capitol SQ 80.003 LP
with Anne Byrne, Paddy Roche & Mick Crotty

All Folk Together: 1970 - Talisman STAL 5013 LP

Anne Byrne Sings Irish: 1973 - Hawk HALP 106 LP
with Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche

Come By the Hills: 1974 - Hawk HALP 127 LP

Brian Byrne

Brian Byrne: 1972 - HALP 105 LP

The Cassidys

Live!: 1985 - RRL 8018 LP


Francie Conway with The Works

Boss Murphy's Spirit of Cork: 1998 - BMCD007 CD
Val Cooke & Francie Conway with The Works - w/Finbar Furey

The Green Album: 2000 - Satellite SRCD 008
w/Finbar Furey & Ronnie Drew
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