Irish Republican Music

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The Wolfhound Declan Hunt The Barleycorn The Wolfe Tones

The Flingels

Ireland Awake-Irish Rebel Songs: 1969 - Saga EROS 8095 LP

The Flying Column

Folk Music Time In Ireland: 1970 - KGEC 1035 CASS

Four Green Fields: 1971 - Emerald Gem GES 1059 LP
re: 1979 - Fiesta FLPS 1870 LP

Freedom Fighters

A Nation Once Again!: 1967 - Allegro ALL 869 LP

The Jolly Beggarmen

The Very Best Of Irish Rebel Songs: 1988 - Fiesta FCD 1012 CD

Long Kesh Ramblers

Songs of the Irish People: 1974 - Clanrye Records CLP 001 LP

Fee McGorman

Songs of the Irish Republic: 1970 - Outlet BOL 4005 LP

Eugene McEldowney

James Connolly the Irish Rebel: 1968 - Outlet TOL 102 LP

Paddy McGuigan

My Country My Songs and Me: 1975 - DOLM 5012 LP

Men Of No Property

A group of radical songwriters in Belfast got together (under false names) to record a classic set of albums as "The Men Of No Property", including such classics as "The Bogside Man" (a parody of the shanty "The Hogseye Man"), "Hughes’s Bakery Van" and "England’s Vietnam". All the participants continued in music with Brian Moore finding success as a songwriter for Christy Moore and latterly as a playwright. Apart from that, locally most of the political writing for many years was strictly in the "flag-waving" mould.

Source: A History of Folk, Traditional and Roots Music in Northern Ireland by Geoff Harden

This Is Free Belfast!: 1971 - PAREDON P 1006 LP

England's Vietnam: 1977 - Folkways FH 5409 LP

Ireland: The Final Struggle: 1977 - Paredon Records - PAR01039 LP

Maeve Mulvany

Irish Rebel Ballads: 1972 - REX 772 LP

Various Artists

Irish Rebel Songs: 1963 - Ace Of Clubs ACL1136 LP
Dominic Behan (under the pseudonyms Diarmuid O'Neill & Patrick O'Malley) and Enoch Kent

Irish Songs of Freedom: 1968 - Outlet 7001 LP

Smash Internment: 1972 - Outlet ROL 3002 LP

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