Stockton's Wing

Stockton's Wing: The Stockton's Wing Collection


  • The Stockton's Wing Collection
    • 1991 - TARACD 004 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Drops of Brandy [1]
    2. Trip to London (Kieran Hanrahan/Maurice Lennon) [5]
    3. Take a Chance (Mike Hanrahan) [2]
    4. Cameron Highlanders [2]
    5. The Concert Reel/The High Road to Linton [1]
    6. Walk Away (Mike Hanrahan) [5]
    7. The Belltable (Kieran Hanrahan/Maurice Lennon) [5]
    8. My Darling Asleep/Sonny Brogans [2]
    9. Beneath the Shade (Mike Hanrahan) [5]
    10. The Maid Behind the Bar [1]
    11. The Green Gates: The Boy in the Gap Reels [1]
    12. Dirt Track to the Sky (Mike Hanrahan) [5]
    13. The Golden Stud (Kieran Hanrahan/Mike Hanrahan/Maurice Lennon/Paul Roche) [5]
    14. Promenade Love (Mike Hanrahan) [5]
    15. Austin Tierney's/Jenny's Chickens [2]
    16. Skidoo [4]
    17. Ceile Swing (Mike Hanrahan) [3]
    18. Beautiful Affair (Mike Hanrahan) [5]
    19. The Humours of Tulla/The Bucks of Oranmore [1]
    20. The Chicago Set [5]

  • Stockton's Wing
    • Mike Hanrahan: Vocals, Guitar
    • Paul Roche: Flute, Whistle, Low Whistle, Vocals
    • Maurice Lennon: Fiddle, Viola, Vocals
    • Kieran Hanrahan: Banjo, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar, Harmonica
    • Tommy Hayes: Bodhrán, Bones, Tarbuka, Jew's Harp, Spoons
    • Tony Callanan: Vocals, Guitar

  • This is a compilation of previously released tracks
    1. Stockton's Wing: 1978 - TARA 2004 LP
    2. Take A Chance: 1980 - TARA 3004 LP
    3. Beautiful Affair/Ceile Swing: 1981 - Tara TS 008 [7"]
    4. Themes From Beyond The North Wind: 1982 - Tara TS 013 [7"] — Steve Cooney & Stockton's Wing
    5. Light in the Western Sky: 1982 - TARA 3009 LP

  • Some tracks of note on this album include:
    • One of the first Stockton's Wing compositions "The Belltable Waltz", which was named after The Belltable Arts Center in Limerick which was a regular venue for the group during that period.
    • A haunting composition "The Golden Stud" which is a combination of Aboriginal and Irish music, the aboriginal element was introduced by the arrival of Australian bass and Didgeridoo player Steve Cooney.
    • "Skidoo" which was composed by Steve Cooney for the music for a television programme on an Irish expedition to the Artic circle.
    • "Take A Chance" was the first original song recorded by the group and it features the then little known Maura O'Connell on backing vocals.
    • "The Green Gates / The Boy in the Gap" this track which features a great tin Whistle solo by Paul Roche was a big hit with the live audiences throughout the Stockton's Wing career.
    • "The Maid Behind The Bar" again another favourite with live audiences this track displays their ability and love of Irish traditional music which was the founding stone of the band.
    • And of course "Beautiful Affair" the song that made the group a household name not only in Ireland but also in the UK and paved the way for the success that was to follow.

The music of Stockton's Wing has evolved into an exciting blend of traditional and contemporary Irish music and song performed with power and precision by some of the finest musicians in Ireland.

In 1977 in Ennis Co. Clare All Ireland Champions Paul Roche , Maurice Lennon , Kieran Hanrahan and Tommy Hayes formed Stockton's Wing with Tony Callanan. Following their triumph at a major Guinness sponsored talent competition in Limerick they secured a recording contract with Tara Records and released their debut album " Stockton's Wing".

In 1979 singer/songwriter Mike Hanrahan replaced Tony Callanan and in the spring of 1980 they released their second album "Take a Chance". The Album featured some original music and also marked the arrival of a progressive force into the world of Irish Music. Following the success of the album they toured extensively creating a storm of enthusiasm at major Folk Festivals across Europe.

In 1982 the band released their third album "Light In The Western Sky". A highly polished album which represented a significant shift in their musical direction, focusing more on the bands creative original material. The album featured two hit singles "Beautiful Affair" and "Walk Away". Since then the band have toured extensively throughout the world bringing their exciting sound to America, Canada and Australia.

In the summer of 1988 they shared the stage with Michael Jackson in Cork. The following year they made a guest appearance in Dublin with the late great Sammy Davis Jnr. as part of his world tour with Frank Sinatra, and Liza Minnelli. In 1989 they went on location to take part in the Noel Pearson/Jim Sheridan film production of the John B. Keane play "The Field" which featured John Hurt and Oscar nominee Richard Harris.

This album is a compilation of twenty of the band's best tracks from the 'Stockton's Wing', 'Take A Chance' and 'Light in the Western Sky' albums.